How to Demonstrate Fireworks Safety to Your Children

Hosting a fireworks display in your garden is a fantastic way to commemorate a special event or just spend quality time with your friends and family.

As long as you warn your neighbours in advance, buy fireworks from a reputable retailer and read the appropriate safety information beforehand, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a magical evening.

However, if you have children, they may be scared of fireworks or unsure of how to behave around them.

Before and during your fireworks display, it’s so important that you make sure your children understand the dangers of fireworks, as this will prevent them from getting hurt.

Here’s how you can demonstrate fireworks safety to your children.

Set an Appropriate Distance

When you’re setting up your fireworks display, you need to consider if your garden is large enough to host the display safely.

By reading the instructions that come with your fireworks, you’ll learn how far away your family and friends need to stand to stay safe during the display.

Remember, that all high-quality fireworks from reputable retailers should come with this information. 

If your garden can’t accommodate this distance, it’s best to go to an official fireworks display instead of going against the recommendations. 

If your garden is large enough, then you can mark out a safe viewing area for your family and guests. 

Make sure this area is clearly visible - this will teach your children to stay away from fireworks and not run around while they’re being lit.

Have a Bucket of Water

During the display, one person should be in charge of lighting the fireworks to reduce confusion, and everyone else should stay within the safe viewing area.

While you’re lighting the fireworks, make sure you have a bucket of water near you at all times to help you dispose of fireworks and also deal with emergencies if they arise.

Having multiple buckets of water around the garden could be useful, and if people start lighting sparklers after the display, they should always be near a bucket of water so they can dispose of their sparklers when needed.

Don’t Let Children Handle Fireworks

This seems like an obvious point, but it’s worth repeating.

Under 18s should not be handling any fireworks during the fireworks display - this role should be assigned to one adult.

Under fives shouldn’t handle sparklers, but for other children, it’s common to allow them to handle a sparkler under adult supervision.

Little ones will love this fun firework art activity:

If you’re going to give your child a sparkler, you should stay with them and teach them to hold the sparkler at arm’s length before putting it in the water bucket when it’s done.

Make sure you explain why they should be careful with fireworks, and only allow them to hold a sparkler if they understand why they should be sensible with them.

Go to an Official Fireworks Display

If you’re still worried about hosting a fireworks display in your garden and keeping your kids at a safe distance, you could always go to an official fireworks display nearby for special events like Bonfire Night or New Year.

However, as long as you take precautions, ensure your garden is large enough and warn your neighbours, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the magic of fireworks in your garden.

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