16 of the Best Super Cool Play-Doh Sets for Kids

Are you looking for a great gift for kids that will encourage them to be creative and have lots of fun?

Check out these super cool and fun Play-Doh sets kids will love!

Play-Doh sets have come a long way and we’ve gathered some of the coolest Play-Doh sets for kids that will allow them to be creative and have tons of fun.

These cool Play-Doh sets for kids are a great way for them to get their creative juices flowing while working with their hands.

Playing with Play-Doh has plenty of benefits. For instance, as they use the kits to make their creations, they will be learning about shapes and colours, and working on their motor skills.

They will also be able to show off their creativity and be proud of the things they have made with the colourful Play-Doh pots.

16 of the Best Super Cool Playdoh Sets for Kids

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Kids will love pretending that they are cutting hair with this barber set.

It comes with a few cans of Play-Doh, hair cutting tools, and two mini head figures for them to practice on. 

This Play-Doh princess cupcake set will have them creating their own Disney princess cupcakes out of Play-Doh.

The set also includes toppers with Ariel, Cinderella, Moana, Tiana, and Rapunzel.

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Not only will the kids be able to use their imaginations to create animals, foods, and other goodies, but this table doubles as storage so it can be put away nicely.

The Dr. Drill N’ Fill set includes everything they need to pretend like they are a dentist.

Using Play-Doh, they can pretend like they are making braces, fillings, and more.

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Roll to the rescue with this fun toy fire truck. Using the included cans of Play-Doh, they can pretend like they are putting fires out.

Not only will they have fun playing with Play-Doh, but they will also be encouraged to tidy up after themselves.

With the vacuum, they will be able to roll up small Play-Doh bits and the vacuum automatically puts the bits back into the can.

If your little one loves ice cream, they are going to love making their own ice cream treats out of this ice cream truck.

Paw Patrol fans will love this playset!

It allows the kids to make their own pups and customize them using stamps.

The kids will have a blast cooking up their own homemade pizza flavors with this Play-Doh set.

They’ll be able to do everything from grating the cheese to serving up a slice.

With the use of colourful Play-Doh, kids can create their own Trolls World Tour hot air balloon.

Peppa Pig is setting out in her ice cream truck, and she is giving out the very best homemade Play-Doh ice cream cones.

The candy-making Play-Doh set will have your little one creating various chocolate candies.

They’ll love pretending to be the best candy maker in town.

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Let the kids create their own rockin’ mix of colors and textures with this Play-Doh slime kit. 

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Complete with a dog toy, storage, and Play-Doh vet set, kids will love checking on the pup to make sure she’s healthy and groomed.

With colourful cans of Play-Doh, kids will be able to build their own mini treehouse for the little people to play in.

Kids can create and customize their own My Little Pony figures with this fun Play-Doh set.

The set includes 4 moulds, so they create their favourites or their own custom ponies.

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