20 of the Best Peppa Pig Gift Ideas for Kids

If you have a Peppa Pig obsessed child at home, you’re going to love this Peppa Pig Gift Guide that I’ve put together. These are all the Peppa Pig gifts they will LOVE!

There are so many great Peppa Pig gifts out there, and I’ve collected the best into one convenient list for you. No use spending hours looking up different options, I did the hard work for you!

No matter if you have a toddler or an older child, I’m certain you’ll find something on this list that they will love.

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The BEST Peppa Pig Gifts

Peppa Pig Family House

Measuring at 22-inches tall, this dollhouse featuring Peppa Pig is sure to get lots of play!

There’s 7 rooms, a variety of accessories, and the doormat plays sounds and phrases.

Perfect for your Peppa Pig obsessed child! Buy similar in the UK

For the budding artist in the family, an activity backpack featuring Peppa Pig!

It includes crayons, markers, activity books, stickers, and so much more.

Perfect for doing lots of art projects on the go! Buy similar in the UK

While this won’t keep little hands off your TV remote by any means… they are sure to learn while playing with Peppa Pig!

They can chat with Peppa Pig as they work on communication skills, work on basic math skills, and have lots of fun. Buy similar in the UK

Peppa Pig and UNICORNS?! There isn’t a better combination for your child.

It’s cosy, soft, full of fun characters, and it even has a unicorn horn!

Kids are sure to find every excuse to wear their new robe. (Now they just need some slippers!) Buy in the UK

Dress up Peppa Pig in all kinds of fun outfits with this fun set! Make Peppa Pig a firefighter, fairy, chef, and more. Buy similar in the UK

Leave your child to color their favorite characters without worrying about the mess.

With this set, the marker only works on the special paper.

Let them have fun while you worry about things other than them coloring on the walls. Buy in the UK

Get started on your collection with your favourite characters. Includes Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa and George.

These figures can be used alongside a variety of playsets or simply to play pretend and act out episodes all on their own. Buy in the UK

Practice drawing the characters from the show with this magna doodle! Or, make your own creations to practice.

Since it’s a travel size, it’s the perfect accessory when traveling or going on long car rides! Buy in the UK

Head to school with Peppa Pig and her friends! This set is sure to get lots of play.

It is perfect for role-playing as it includes desks, a bookshelf, Peppa in a school outfit, Madame Gazelle and Zoe Zebra. Buy in the UK

If you’re going to school, you need a way to get there! The bus even has a removable roof and makes sounds and sings songs!

This cute school bus features Miss Rabbit as the driver and Peppa Pig, perfect for playing pretend. Buy in the UK

Your future firefighter is sure to love this playset. It features Peppa Pig in a firefighter outfit, a fire engine, lookout tower, and more.

Kids are sure to get lots of play out of this set! Buy in the UK

This plush friend is the perfect gift for any fan. Beautifully designed and makes a great buddy at bedtime. Buy in the UK

Who says practicing math can’t be fun? With Peppa Pig featured on each card, kids are sure to get excited.

Practice addition, colors, letters, and more with each brightly illustrated card. Buy in the UK

Featuring their favorite characters from the show, this set of 5 puzzles will get lots of use as they practice fine motor skills and more.

Kids who enjoy Peppa and puzzles are sure to love this set. Buy in the UK

Enhance the game of hide and seek with this fun game!

Hide Peppa Pig and watch as she speaks out and your friends run to find her!

Use the brightly coloured cards to give clues to where she is hiding. Buy in the UK

The element of surprise in toys is so fun! And Peppa Pig is on the unboxing toys for little ones here.

Collect each mini camper and friend - but you don’t know what you’ll get.

Each one stacks together to showcase your collection. Buy in the UK

With these cute kits, little ones can be a real gardener! Plant the fast-growing seeds and watch them grow in the cute Peppa Pig themed pots.

Kids will love pretending to plant a garden just like Peppa Pig. Buy in the UK

Practice your bowling skills with this fun set! Featuring Peppa Pig and her friends, you’ll get to knock over 6 pins with a bowling ball.

Great introduction to the fun game of bowling for family night. International shipping is available

Time for a tea party with Peppa Pig! This set even includes some cuddly friends to have tea with.

Now you just need the tea (or maybe just stick to water!). Buy in the UK

This board game is sure to be fun for the whole family! Hurry and help Peppa Pig get to school - but the pieces will change so be careful.

Each time you play, the board changes as tiles are flipped over. This game is sure to be lots of fun for months to come. Buy in the UK

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