How to Grab Time for Yourself this December

How are you, busy mama?! There's our usual level of busy, and then there's the December level of busy, right?

It's time to start finding a bit of relaxation in all that busyness, and we have the perfect solution for you. Not only do we have some ideas for when and where you can grab a break, but we also have a way to let that busy mama brain relax for ten minutes, too. Read on...

Research shows that switching to a different activity, even for a short time, can help to calm your mind.

Below we have a list of ways you can grab some quality time for yourself this December. It's time to recharge, relax and clear your mind a little.

But instead of reaching for your phone and scrolling through everyone else's perfect pictures (yawn!), we have a game that's good for both mind and soul.

And I have the perfect solution for you.

Here are 5 Ways to Grab Time for Yourself this December:

1. Take a Christmas shopping coffee break

Whether you see Christmas shopping as a treat or a chore, factoring in a coffee stop or two will make it even better. Especially with all those delicious holiday-themed drinks around!

Don't forget a slice of cake or a mince pie too - you deserve it!

2. Waiting in for a delivery

OK, you got your time slot, now what to do? You can't start any major tasks as the doorbell might ring in the midst of defrosting the freezer or clearing out the cupboard.

So get a few small jobs under your belt then have a quick sit down with Skip-Bo Mobile for a few minutes. This mobile game is based on a game night favourite, Skip-Bo, but with an exciting solitaire twist. It's easy to pick up and play.

It features bi-weekly in-game events and this month, it's all about winter holidays with the adorable (and addictive) Merry Makeover event!

3. Car waiting

Whether you're sitting in the car waiting for your kids to come out from their school play rehearsal, in line for your Click and Collect slot or waiting to pick relatives up at the train station, it's time to stop the scroll.

Looking at a scrolling Facebook or Instagram feed is almost guaranteed to make you feel bad about yourself at this time of year - someone's tree is better, so-and-so did all their Christmas shopping in March, someone else is feeling bad because they could only afford a £700 present for Hugo or Henrietta this year.

You know the drill. Ditch the depressing and play a few rounds of Merry Makeover instead! You can dive into a wardrobe full of holiday-themed options and create merry mixes! Dress up our beloved Santa, elf and reindeer in festive outfits.

4. Waiting in line

There is so much 'dead time' in the run-up to Christmas. Use it as an opportunity to clear your head and relax.

Whether you are waiting in line at the post office, at the garage waiting for the mechanic to do your winter car checks, queueing to pay for presents, or just waiting at home for your cookies to bake, grab that phone and open Skip-Bo Mobile for instant relaxation. It’s so refreshing to play Skip-Bo Adventure with variety and with the Merry Makeover event, there is a lot of festive-fun.

5. At the end of a busy day

Picture the scene, the kids are finally in bed and you're relaxing with a well-deserved hot chocolate at the end of a busy day.

Instead of sitting in front of yet another top 30 countdown of worst celebrity something, message your best mum friend, grab your phone and play Skip-Bo Mobile together. You might even win a challenge!

It's a fantastic way to get in the Christmas spirit too!

Christmas is a crazy busy time, loading ever more on our already groaning shoulders, but with a bit of creativity, it is possible for us busy mums to catch a break for ourselves this December.

I have found taking some time for myself. Playing the Skip-Bo Mobile Merry Makeover event has been a fun way to take some time out, relax and forget the endless lists of things to do - just for a little while.

You can play on your phone, even without internet service, so it's ideal for relaxing on the go and in between our endless list of tasks. The in-game event is also super cute. Decorating my own house feels like a huge chore, but playing dress up with Santa and his reindeer is way more appealing right now. My kids have even tried to take the game off me, but I had to tell them no - this is mama’s time! 

Merry Makeover is available to play now in Skip-Bo Mobile, which is free to play available on both iOS and Android.

You can get a free 500 in-game coins when you download Skip-Bo Mobile from our article link!

Take a look at the in-game event here:

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