How to Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

Eat better, go to the gym, drink less, lose weight - hands up if that was the focus of your goals on January 1st?  And barely before the chimes of Big Ben had faded, those lofty goals were shelved.

I'll start tomorrow...   Next week will be different... 

Well, how about something different this year?  Instead of the same old resolutions, try some goal-setting, try a new plan.

Read on to find out how to stick to your New Year's resolutions.

It's time to choose happiness and joy, instead of beating yourself up because that long list of goals you entered the new year with have fallen by the wayside.

No more guilt because these huge ambitions weren't realised and you didn't become a gym-going health nut by 10am on 1st January.

Instead of giving up ,well it didn't happen so you might as well not bother, just give up and do some fridge grazing.

Instead, this year, decide on one primary goal.

It could be:
  • to become healthier
  • to have a more beautiful home
  • to be a better parent
  • to be happier
  • to finally write that novel

It could be anything. Whatever your primary goal is, focus on just that.

Work out what it would look like in 12 months time to have achieved that goal, then break it down into easily manageable, bite-size steps.

By first establishing what your main, generalised goal is for the year ahead, you can begin to crystallize what that looks like in your mind.

Visualise it, think about what it will actually look like, and what achieving your goal will mean to you.

For the goal 'have a more beautiful home', your baby steps might include:

1. De-clutter: throw/give 5 things away every day for a month

2. Deep clean everywhere: tackle one small area each day (Make a list & stick to it.)

3. Jazz up your furniture or rearrange a room.

4. Establish a cleaning schedule that works for your household, and stick to it.

5. End procrastination by timing exactly how long it take you to get the little things done, I bet you have more time than you think.

6. Think about what works best where, do you need to re-arrange furniture, even swap rooms over?

7. Commit to buying fresh flowers each week.

8. Treat yourself to some gorgeous new paint or curtains and decide to make your favourite room even more beautiful.

9. Subscribe to William Morris's belief that you should only keep things that are practical or beautiful.  How many things do you own that are neither?

10. Invest in a few beautiful pieces for each room, such as a vase, a painting, an ornament, things that will make you smile every time you look at them.

Once you begin to break each goal down into a series of smaller steps, it becomes that much more achievable.

Thereby meaning your sense of achievement is maintained, and you embrace happy on a daily basis. 

No more beating yourself up about what you haven't done, only congratulating yourself on what you have done.

Your goal may not happen overnight, but within a month or so you will see progress and just keep remembering how amazing you will feel by the end of the year.

Visualise your novel/body/home as it will look by this time next year, and you will be unstoppable! 

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