Make Meals Easier with SimplyCook this January

Do any of these feature in your New Year's Resolutions: eating more healthily, cooking from scratch more, eating together as a family more often?

Then we have the perfect solution for you!

Read on to find out how to make coooking easier and eating far more delicious this January - what better way to start the new year?

You've probably heard of the big names in recipe box deliveries, but have you heard of SimplyCook?

SimplyCook is a bit different because they don't send you all the ingredients including fresh produce like meat, vegetables, dairy and fish.

Each SimplyCook recipe box just contains the sauce, marinade, spice or other flavours you need to turn sinple ingredients into a delicious dish your family will love.

Having a delicious recipe delivered to your door with all the flavourings you need to cook it is the ideal way to start eating more healthily, cooking from scratch with real ingredients more often - and to get more adventuorus with your cooking.

SimplyCook makes it so easy and you can get a delicious home-cooked meal on the table in less than half an hour!

We have tried a few of the big recipe boxes and found them to mostly be successful, but when we are busy often find that some of the vegetable ingredients are past their best by the time we get round to cooking all the recipes.

So a box full of flavour that we can then add the fresh ingredients to when we are ready to cook is ideal.

If you have never tried a recipe box but have a cupboard full of flavouruings, seasonings, herbs and spices that you hardly ever use, then SimplyCook is ideal for you too!

We've all bought that obscure ingredient for one recipe (giving Nigella the side-eye here) that then gets buried at the back of the cupboard until well beyond its expiry date. Well, no more!

With SimplyCook you simply cook, using up all the allotted seasonings, and you're done. No half-empty bottles and jars to find space for, and no waste. Perfect.

And did I mention that the dishes are all delicious?

You can adjust the box to your taste, so if you prefer vegetarian or not too spicy, you can pick the right box for your tastes.

These recipe kits are perfect if you love trying new cuisines, if you have a tiny kitchen with minimal storage space, or if you're crazy busy and only have extensive time to cook a few times a week.

All recipes can be cooked from scratch in 30 minutes or less so they are ideal for busy mums like us. 

After all, we want to serve delicious home-cooked meals that everyone will be wowed by, but when do we have an hour plus to cook dinner?!

Plus you don't need any fancy equipment, just a chopping board, knife and a pan or two is enough for nearly all the SimplyCook dishes.

We love that we can cook the recipes when we want to and with the ingredients we choose.

No more slightly sorry looking vegetables in the bottom of a box, and if you find an alternative ingrdient on offer or have some already, you can swap out the suggested meat, fish or vegetables for something different.

SimplyCook is your new helping hand in the kitchen that makes cooking simply delicious, affordable and flexible.

The recipes encompass different cuisines from around the world and has definitely helped us be mroe adventurous in what we are cooking!

Best of all, there's no hanging around waiting for a delivery because the flat SimplyCook box fits right through your letterbox.

With SimplyCook's unique recipe kits you can cook more than 140 chef-created recipes in half an hour or less.

Each kit comes with 3 pots of delicious flavouring, packed with up to 23 ingredients to add extraordinary flavour to your meals.

Just buy 4-6 fresh ingredients from wherever you like to shop, only when you're ready to cook (no more food waste).

SimplyCook is the most affordable recipe subscription around, which means you can cook a new dish every week for just £2.50 per week, after your free first box (get a box of 4 recipe kits as often as you like, for just £9.99).

Try your first box for free (just pay £1 postage) and rediscover midweek cooking with a new ingredient: pleasure.

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