Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Freedom of a 1970s Summer

What did your kids get up to this summer? Were their holidays a whirlwind of planned activities, outings and excursions, playdates, scheduled fun, and educational activities? Did you spend the last few weeks of term scouring Pinterest for all the wonderful arts and crafts you would create together; and the fun but nutritional foods you would offer them and they would willingly imbibe? Perhaps every day was going to be a themed frenzy of pirate, princess, mermaid, safari and Hogwarts fun?

How to Enjoy a Fabulous Family Christmas on a Budget

Well, we can avoid it no longer!  The C word has to be mentioned, with Channel 5 full of Christmas movies and specials this weekend; a whole festive aisle already in most supermarkets; and all the special offers starting to plop into our inboxes.  The girls' favourite film was even on ITV2 yesterday evening: "Pizza Hup".  You know that one, of course?  Oh hang on:

Pizza Hup = Pizza Hut = Pizza Express = Polar Express

Yeah, it took us a while too!

Monday, 5 October 2015

DVD Review & Giveaway: Tree Fu Tom and the Carrots of Doom

There aren’t many things that cause all three of our girls to stop what they’re doing and come from their respective play arenas to sit on the sofa, but the arrival of a new Tree Fu Tom DVD is one of them. Lara’s long love affair with Tom and friends has been well-documented on this blog, and her sisters have happily followed in her footsteps. They all adored the stage production we saw recently at Butlins, and love to watch Tom’s adventures on TV too. So they were delighted last week to receive the new TFT DVD to review - and we have two copies for you to win too!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sponsored Video: Who Needs a Holiday When You Can Just Give Your Kid a Phone?

On a visit to the New Forest recently, we returned to our car after a lovely walk and picnic, and started to load everything into the boot and get the girls settled in the car.  Around us many other families were doing the same thing, but what we hadn't noticed until our friend pointed it out was that almost all of them were also setting up in-car DVD players or tablets for their children to look at in the back seat.  We were in the middle of one of the most beautiful areas of England, a national park full of trees, wildlife (ponies, deer etc), and beautiful views, yet all those children were going to be gazing at electronics rather than gazing out of their windows!  Extraordinary.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

New Styles & Trends for Autumn/Winter 2015 #AW15

We've teamed up with leading image consultants and personal stylists, colour me beautiful, to bring you a series of articles on staying stylish through autumn and into winter.  Their Marketing Manager, Anna Mewes will tell you how to accessorise for the party season, and how to dress your bump for the colder weather.  This month, it's all about seeing what's new for AW15.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Deep Breaths: How to Relax When the Kids Are Away

Take a deep breath – the kids are packed off to school, the housework is done, you’ve got two hours until your next shift at work and your hubby has packed off for the day. A few blissful moments alone. It’s what every working mother needs to keep stress at bay.

How Much Does a Children's Birthday Party Cost?

How did you celebrate your children's recent birthdays?  In the garden?  At home?  Hire a hall?  Entertainer?  Making stations?  Organised event?  However you celebrated, it's probably a far cry from the home-made cakes and traditional games at home or in the garden we all had.  Children's birthday parties have almost become competitive these days, and they certainly cost more than they used to.  On top of that, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that as children get older, their birthday parties become increasingly elaborate and expensive.  And Mr Bennet thought he'd have problems organising wedding banquets for all those daughters...

Recipe: Tricolore Salad #vegetarian

I was looking for a recipe to publish today and found this one that I meant to blog over the summer and forgot all about, so although a salad may not be entirely seasonal, here's our delicious Tricolore Salad.  (The red, white and green echoes the Italian flag.)  Personally, I'm happy to have this kind of salad for lunch whatever the weather, so hopefully you will enjoy too!

Win Your Weekly Food Shop with M&S!

To celebrate the opening of M&S Foodhall Bognor Regis, M&S is offering Attachment Mummy readers the chance to win a weekly food shop. One reader will receive a £100 M&S gift card to spend in store on the new Autumn Winter 15 food range.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Perfect Number/Age Gap/Time/Age etc etc: Is There Such a Thing When it Comes to Babies?

Don’t tell my younger daughters, but I sometimes question their very existence. I wonder whether we should perhaps have had just one child and, by nature of being born first, as much as by being who she is, that only child would be Lara. Not least because she is such a ‘mini me’ in looks, opinions, attitude, temperament, everything. Much longed-for, and long anticipated, Lara is everything I expected and hoped my daughter to be. You see she has been thought of for the last thirty or more years, my Lara, the little girl I dreamt of and longed for for years.


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