Monday, 8 February 2016

How to Make Valentine's Day a Family Occasion #FamilyValentines - & Win a Family Cookery Lesson & Cleaning Bundle with Ecover!

In the UK we tend to associate Valentine's Day solely with romantic love, but I'm led to believe that our Yank and Antipodean cousins treat 14th February rather differently, seeing it more as a celebration of love in general than a couples-only fiesta.  How wonderful!  It's always good to feel loved, but few of us remember to tell others how precious they are.  I'm not sure a customary "'Bye, love you" shouted over your shoulder as you go out the door counts!

Friday, 5 February 2016

A New Solution for Getting Around (and Out of) the City

For many years I lived in cities (Exeter, Leeds, London, Moscow) and had no real need of a car.  Just occasionally it would have made life easier, to make a long journey or to make a major trip to the supermarket, but never enough to justify the full expense of buying a car.  Many people living in major cities and towns are in a similar position, with local transport networks serving their needs adequately, but still needing access to a car from time to time.  Now a new service offers access to a car just when you need one, in a variety of modes: car club, taxi and car rental.

Money and Your Health: How Financial Stress Manifests Itself in Your Body and Mind

We are all aware that stress can adversely affect our health. One of the most common (and damaging) forms can be stress and anxiety centred around financial woes. In order to better understand just how profound of an impact this condition can have, let's take a look at a handful of physical and mental effects that fiscal stress can cause over time.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Recipe: Mexican Chocolate and Chilli Cake

Here's a cake to get the taste buds going!  Chocolate and chilli is a delicious combination that originated in Mexico during the time of the Aztecs and Maya.  The chilli really enhances the flavour of the chocolate.  Made here in a 20cm Le Creuset Cast Iron casserole dish, which has superb heat conduction properties, it could also be made in a conventional cake tin.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Six Spec-tacular Styles You Need this Spring!’

Step into spring with this six product guide that aims to provide you with the latest glasses trends for Spring’16. As we all know this is the season we are all encouraged to have a spring in our step, but for those of you not so keen to conform, why not just let your glasses do the talking, even just one of these styles will speak volumes and will get you in the mood for those lighter mornings and nights!

Your Home Resolutions

The New Year may have come and gone, the fireworks have fizzled out and sadly, champagne isn’t so readily being poured. But that’s not to say that you can no longer set any resolutions. The whole year still lies ahead of you, and there’s plenty time to fill up improving different elements in your life.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

SS16 Trend Reveal and My Dresses Wish Lyst

Maybe it's those early daffodils, or maybe it's the fast-filling diary, but my thoughts are turning to new season clothes already.  The SS16 trends seem to be a bit of a mishmash to be honest: frothy ruffles and bows; 1990s revival (not that long ago to some of us!  God bless Calvin Klein for still being there); mega brights and graphic prints; gingham and stripes; slipdresses and romantic florals; metallics and super-shine; slippers and OTT accessories.  It's a crazy fashion world.  Shoulders are big, well actually sylph-like and bare, or covered in oversized puff sleeves; and body con is still huge (or, well, tiny on the size 0 frames).  The '70s denim revival continues apace although cuts are more radical and angular, as well as hippyesque.  Handbags are a key accessory, with box bags, retro-styling, backpacks, and cool design all featuring on the catwalks.  Oh, and apparently we should all be wearing tiaras.  To the office.  I'll leave that one with you...

January Days Out

Hmm, the weather.  Nuff said really?  Rain, cold, rain, sun, rain, warm, rain.  Crazy.  The latter half of January has at least meant we can start getting out and about again on the drier days, although most parks and playgrounds are mud baths.  Like most children, the girls are like caged animals when there are endless grey, windy and rainy days, so seizing the rainless moments is imperative.  I always liken them to race horses or greyhounds: they need to be exercised twice a day at least.  And there's only so much soft play we can all cope with!


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