Saturday, 25 October 2014

Retail Therapy Round-Up

F.Hinds - up to 50% off selected jewellery and diamonds!

Also offering some great savings on watches.

Want £1500 Towards Your Life's Dream? #postitbrandhappen

Do you remember this post from back in June about the Post-it Make It Happen campaign?  Well I wanted to give you an update on what's going on with it.  The good news is that, because the campaign has done so phenomenally well, the deadline has been extended to the end of November, enabling a further two winners to benefit from the competition!

Review: Seascape Island Apothecary & Les Petits Products

Regular readers will know of my predilection for a beauty product or five, especially yummy bath treats.  I first came across Seascape Apothecary in the summer, and love their principles: ethically-sourced ingredients from the beautiful island of Jersey; recycled packaging; and no artificial fragrances, colours, parabens, silicones, SLS or petroleum.  Natural, lovely, and with no nasties, but still luxurious and delightful products, with exquisite scents.  Just the kind of thing I want to put near my skin, and the girls'.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Review: Veronica's Crisps

Veronica's Snacks are a range of gluten-free baked crisps.  The whole range is gluten-free, unlike many 'normal' crisps which combine their flavourings with wheatflour.  They are also 60% lower in fat due to being baked not fried.  Available in Sour Cream & Onion Potato Crisps; Barbeque Potato Crisps; Roast Garlic & Mixed Herbs Veggie Crisps; Roast Tomato & Spanish Paprika Veggie Crisps; and kid-friendly Crunchy Creatures.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Keeping Motivated in the Winter Months

The clocks are going back this weekend, so most of us are going to start hibernating.  But with the dark days ahead, how can we stay motivated?  Here are some ideas.

With the weather turning colder and the days getting shorter, it's hard to find the motivation to plan anything other than hiding away under your duvet. Although it might not seem like it, now is the key time to get planning for the New Year, a fresh start and the new opportunities that await you. Take your mind off the icy paths and the rain lashing at the windows and instead do a little more positive thinking and look ahead to the future.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Finding an Unusual Gift for Grandad

I know I said I wasn't going to go on about the C word until after Guy Fawkes, but I have already been searching for some out of the ordinary gifts, so thought I would share them with you.  There are some people who are just so difficult to buy for, aren't there?  They don't fit the usual mould for interests, yet you know that the standard socks or smellies will see them turning their noses up too.  Steve's dad is one of these, and every year we struggle to find something nice for him.

Win a Hamper with Keogh's Crisps

Back in July I popped along to the Bord Bia Christmas show in London and sampled some delicious Irish food and drink brands.  Yep, whiskey and Irish cream liqueurs at 8.30 in the morning.  (What can I say, it was the start of my busiest Christmas in July day, the booze helped!)  But luckily there was some food available to soak up the alcohol, and the lovely chap from Keoghs crisps was very helpful, and generous with the crisps thank goodness.  I will be telling you more about all the fantastic Bord Bia brands as our Christmas features unfold from 6th November on, but right now I have a lovely giveaway for you from Keoghs, including lots of their scrumptious crisps.

Monday, 20 October 2014

An Autumnal Picnic with Vita Coco Kids #vitapicnics


The lucky smalls have been sent some more delicious Vita Coco drinks, and a selection of fun goodies to play with.  In return we were challenged to share a favourite picnic spot, and prove that picnics don't have to stop when the mercury drops below 20 degrees.  A very nice challenge for us.  Regular readers will know we aren't exactly averse to a day out, and that we are HUGE picnic fans!

How to Earn a Little Extra To Help With Those Xmas Bills (and more!)

Christmas is coming, and we all know what that means! As well as potentially having to cater for the extended family and having to queue for hours for the big toys of the year – there’s also a raft of bills coming up. Think food, presents, drink, party outfits, travel – it all adds up.

Many mums are turning to work from home schemes to pay their bills. Often, if something is advertised as a work from home opportunity it’s normally a scam. If something is too good to be true, often it is. However, there are legitimate ways you can earn yourself a little extra money to help you through the season. And who knows, if it goes well it could turn into something bigger!


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