Friday, 6 March 2015

The Family Friendly Side of Las Vegas

Keen followers of my blog will have noticed my recent post about the Big Apple, and how it's not just a city for adults.

Well, a little keen research and dreams of a holiday away have also led me to discover that there are indeed other American cities that are more family-friendly than we might think – one of which is the City of Sin – Las Vegas.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

One Way to Pay for Your Dinner!

Ever been out for dinner with someone who whipped out a calculator to divide up the bill?  Or treated yourself to a meal out with a lottery win or other windfall?  Well imagine that numbers-led approach to eating out extrapolated to the nth degree, and you get the UKIPT All-In Kitchen.  Nothing to do with the ghastly Farage thank goodness, but rather a very special restaurant pop up.

50 Books Every Child Should Read - Do You Agree?

Happy World Book Day!  To celebrate WBD, Sainsbury's has compiled a list of the 50 books which every child should read by the age of 16.  In this age of technology, ebooks and virtual worlds, the simple pleasure of the printed word often seems in danger of being overlooked, but in a recent survey a healthy 72% of parents rated bedtime reading time as important for bonding with their child.  And many of us, 60%, enjoy reading the same books we read as children, proving that the oldies are still goodies!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Part 1

With ten days to go until Mother's Day it's time to get those presents sorted, and luckily we have plenty of ideas for you.  Here are some of our favourite things...

The Edie Reversible Jumper from Joules is practical, versatile, comfy and really rather gorgeous.  It is knitted in a lightweight cotton yarn making it perfect for layering at this time of year and as an evening cover up for summer.  Its boxy, sweatshirt shape is perfect for lounging in or dressing up more formally, and with a button-through back it can also be reversed into a cardigan.  A really lovely addition to any mum's wardrobe.  Also available in green and cream/blue colourways.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Making Room to Grow

Every time I think I have one area of our home sorted out, something happens.  Pesky old life getting in the way!  I had the playroom end of the sitting room all perfectly organised, then we had the onslaught of Christmas and birthday presents to find homes for.  I had the bookcases arranged, then found a box full of books I had completely forgotten about.  Grr.  The main thing of course is that everything is accessible to the girls, and I think we are just about achieving that.  Here's the baby/toddler stuff in the hall for Tatiana:


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