Thursday, 28 May 2015

A Spring Dinner Party #CaptureTheSunshine

I love this time of year as everything starts coming on in the garden, the farm shop is full of glorious fresh produce, and the sun shining turns our interest to lighter foods and bright flavours.  We have been eating asparagus pretty much every day lately, and glorious Jersey Royal and new potatoes as often as possible.  In this post we've pulled together some of our favourite recipes for you to create a delightful late spring/early summer menu, our entry to the Lindeman's Capture the Sunshine challenge with Tots 100.

My Weird Kid

My weird kid is the one barking like a dog in the noisy, busy cafe because it's the only way she can manage to be there,

My weird kid runs and skips and jumps and gallops,

My weird kid is the one screaming like a banshee because her matted hair desperately needs brushing and she can't bear the agony of the needle-like bristles of the brush piercing her skull,

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sponsored Video: Fly Cadbury Air Promotion - Crunchie Video #FlyFriday

I just had to tell you about this rather fabulous competition from Cadbury.  You could win a seat on the actual Cadbury Jet!

How exciting is that?!

Storage Ideas For Box Bedrooms

It’s safe to say that almost every house has one - the box room. Roughly half the size of a standard bedroom, many homes utilise the box room as a laundry room, home office, craft room, or simply another storage area. However, the box room can also make a great kids’ bedroom for when shared bedrooms are not an option. It can be difficult to house all of the stuff that a child manages to accumulate, but with some clever thinking, it can be possible to open a box room to its full potential.

10 Most Wanted... Summer Holiday Outfits

Have you booked your summer holiday yet?  Don't worry about the packing, we've got your new summer wardrobe sorted.  Read on...

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Do We Need End Goals for Our Kids?

Upon learning that we home educate, someone asked me last week what our end goal was with the girls' education.  Not being a particular end goal planning type, I didn't quite know what to reply.

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Living Room

Why is it that we spend so much time planning the colour scheme of our living rooms, browsing sofa show rooms and trawling the internet to find the perfect rug, but often neglect lighting? In any room, lighting is a functional necessity, but it can also be the finishing touch to your design. However, in the family hub of your home, the way you light your living room can change the ambience and transform the space.

Design Ideas for a Playroom Revamp

So many people we know seem to be working on room revamps and re-styles at the moment.  It must be something about having the sun shine in on spaces that aren't at their best, and furniture that could do with a new lease of life.  But there's one room that seems to always get overlooked: the playroom.  I went to an amazing interiors show last week and saw so many gorgeous designer pieces that would brighten up sitting rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even nurseries, but stylish yet practical playroom furniture seems to be an impossible dream.


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