Raising Girls: My Top 5 Wishes and Dreams for my Children

I was recently asked what my hopes and dreams for my daughters are.

If I could grant them five fairy godmother wishes, like baby Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, what would they be?

After much thought, here are my top 5 wishes for my beautiful daughters.

1. To never worry about your body

Be healthy, be strong, treat your body well, but never be concerned about its shape or size.

Your face is beautiful, your hair is perfect, your body is amazing.

Don't waste time worrying about perceived inadequacies, or comparing yourself to others.

Be incredible, beautiful, perfect you, always.

If that's not what others see, they have the problem, not you.

2. To only ever be involved with good men (or women)

Love comes from those who are content with themselves.

Not from those who want to damage you, physically or mentally, intentionally or otherwise.

People rarely change, don't listen to that.

If they treat you like a princess, all the time;

if they recognise how wonderful you are, and tell you;

if they think of you and put your needs high on their agenda;

if you can be yourself, good and bad, in their company, all the time;

if you feel completely comfortable with them, and can be totally yourself,

then maybe they are the one.

If not, run - and don't look back!

3. To have no regrets

The only things you should regret are the things you didn't do, and only rarely those.

So travel, dance, study, do whatever makes you happy at the time.

Be sensible, of course, but enjoy your life.

Do what you love.

Don't listen to those who hold you back, who show fear.

Think carefully, do what you think right at the time, and then don't look back.

The things you do will make you the person you become, so don't look back and regret them.

Learn, but never regret.

4. To value intelligence over beauty

And kindness, humour, courage, strength, honesty, compassion, thoughtfulness, reliability and so much more.

Yes, wear nice clothes, buy good skincare and make-up, take care of yourself if you choose to, but never set beauty above other qualities.

Unfortunately, our fame-obsessed society cares more about how someone looks than what they say or do.

I pray that you rise above that, that it doesn't affect you.

Your beauty, true unique beauty, cannot be measured against pop stars, reality show judges & contestants, models or whoever else.

Your beauty comes from your thoughts and actions, they matter far more.

Never forget that.

5. To recognise the true purpose of money

Money is a means to an end.

It enables you to have nice things, yes; to do the things you want, even more importantly.

But never desire it for its own sake, never worship it or pursue it.

The same for reputation and notoriety or fame.

Be yourself, do what you want to do, earn what you can to help you achieve your dreams.

Follow your dreams wherever they may take you, but please, never a borrower nor a lender be.

And never love, desire or hoard money purely for itself.

What wishes do you have for your child?

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