Reluctant Housewife Meets Cleaning Schedule

I may have mentioned (more than once!) not being over-keen on household chores, and in fact I would dearly love a cleaner to float in once a week or so to do the lot.

Unfortunately, in the real world that is far from a possibility at present, so Steve and I muddle through it together.

We only have a few rooms to do after all, but even that proves a challenge for two anti-cleaners, so we have devised a cleaning schedule.

I'm not sure whether this smacks of OCD, or is just reminiscent of shared house rotas, but however bad it looks/sounds, it works for us!

The best bit is we have a clean home and with our little daily timetable, we have so much more free time too.

If you fancy joining us in our neat-freak quest, there are so many ways of arranging a schedule, and you can even grab a copy of our cleaning planner here.

This planner lays out all of the daily, weekly and monthly jobs necessary to maintain a clean and tidy home.

Follow the daily list plus the jobs for each day of the week, then tackle the monthly tasks one at a time and your home will be cleaner than ever before!

One of the jobs which features on our schedule every day, bar Sunday, is laundry.

I don't know how some people manage to do all theirs in one day, we'd be swamped by damp clothes for days.

Not to mention having a continually over-flowing laundry basket - and that is one thing I really cannot bear!

So for me, and it usually is me, what works is to do one load of laundry each day.

Whether it's colours, whites, bedding, whatever, one load of something goes on every day.

Then it is hung up to dry, the already dry stuff having been removed first.

We invested in one of those heated airer racks, and it really does help get things dry quicker, vital as we don't have any outside hanging space.

Of course, the warmer weather has been a real boon for faster drying too, but the best investment of all is my beloved super-efficient Bosch washing machine.

I must confess, I had never paid much heed to types of washing machine before I lived in Moscow, but there I discovered that the super-speedy, large load, high RPM Bosch model in my rented apartment was the bees' knees!

Take the clothes out, give them a quick shake, hang them out neatly to dry and not only did they dry quicker, but there was no need to iron them!  Bliss!!

When I needed to buy my first washer back in the UK, this was at the forefront of my mind, and the same technique is employed to this day.

Wash, shake, hang = get rid of that most dreaded job, the ironing.  Hurrah!

Of course, back then it was just me, and the presence of four more people in the home means a heck of a lot more washing!

But, as long as I manage to keep on top of my one load a day rule, folding and putting away as I go, we no longer have an over-flowing laundry basket or a pile of 'to put away' clothes.

This is just one example of how sitting down for ten minutes to plan out how to divide up our cleaning necessities helped us save time and gave us a cleaner, more efficiently run home.

I promise you, it works!

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