How to Get Your Garden Ready for Outdoor Play

A few days ago, it finally felt like spring. We’re crossing fingers and toes in the hope that winter is behind us, and we’re more focused than ever on the clocks going forward, the mercury level in the thermometer slowly rising and (of course!) outdoor play with the kids.

Hope those grey skies will be blue soon!

Here are seven ways to get the back garden ready for outdoor play in time for the warm weather.

Check the Plants

Children’s natural tendency to put anything and everything they find in their mouth can be worrying at times. So make sure nothing you plant has the potential to be a hazard to children or to pets.

Cover the Pond

After sweeping for potentially hazardous plants, ponds will need to be covered as kids are attracted to frog-filled bogs like moths to a flame. A simple and attractive pond cover can help protect the kids without compromising the homes of fish and frogs. Creative Pond Covers stock a wide range of covers in various designs and styles.

Increase Dining Options

A little al fresco dining in the summertime is a great joy, but other than BBQs you are often restricted to making multiple trips between the kitchen and the patio table. A back garden pizza oven is a great alternative to the BBQ, allowing you and the kids to design and build your own pizzas and then cook them within a few minutes. There are plenty of guides online which give step-by-step instructions on building one.

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Keep the Party Going

If you’re looking forward to having friends and family around the back garden for long, grazing with food and drinks – it’s possible to keep the party going after the sun goes down without costing an arm and a leg. Installing solar lights can help light the garden without draining any electricity after the sun has gone down.

Spoil the Kids

Developing a dedicated play area for the children can deliver dual benefits: one, keeping them happy and active, and two, keeping them out of the flower beds and away from breakable windows. A great climbing frame means that kids can let off some steam and have lots of fun.

Bird Watch

Fun and educational for kids of all ages, this bird identifying guide from the RSPB can help you and the children develop a checklist of all the birds you’ve spotted in the garden throughout spring, summer and autumn. Putting out bird feeders full of tasty treats for local bird species can encourage more winged friends to visit this year.

Plant Dinner

The summer is the perfect time to teach the kids about where fruit and vegetables come from with your own back garden vegetable patch.

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