Review: Chad Valley at Argos Tots Town Range

We are delighted to be working with Argos again this year promoting their brilliant Chad Valley range of toys in the run up to Christmas.  Look out for our reviews of some amazing toys.

Our first review this season is of the lovely new Tots Town range.  These chunky toys are perfect for little hands and suitable from 18 months up.  With lights, sounds, cute characters, and loads of opportunities for open-ended play, these are lovely toys.  We knew Tatiana would love them, but were surprised to find her older sisters (5 & 7) more than keen to play with them too.

Tots Town is a wonderful place nestled deep in the heart of Chad Valley, where you will find a fantastical land of make belief.  It's a place where imagination comes to life and play time is a never ending story, whether you want to be pirates, princesses or policemen.

The girls favourite and the starting point for most of their stories is the Cottage.  With nine pieces of moveable furniture including toilet, bath, bed, sofa, TV and table and chairs, there are endless possibilities for family fun.  The cottage also has sounds for the sink, cooker and ding dong door bell, and comes with mummy, daddy and baby characters.

The baby is absolutely adorable as you can see, but we also love the attention to detail, for example here in the table and chairs set, just right for mummy and daddy to sit down to tea:

Second favourite in our house is between the fire station and the safari train sets.  With lights and sound, the fire station is always ready to rescue cats from trees or fight fires.  Just sound the alarm and start the engine!

The 'Sirens at the Fire Station' play set comes with two firefighters, male and female, a cute puppy, a cherry picker fir engine, and 14 other accessories, such as a traffic cone, hose and fire.  It also includes an extra fire hat for another Little Tots character, which is a really good idea.  Lots of the sets come with extra hats so the other Little Tots (available as a pack on their own below) can join and play at being firefighters, zoo keepers, vets etc.

The Little Tots of Tots Town can make friends with characters from other sets, explore Tots Town together, and use the hats from other play sets so they can become anything they want to be. I love how this idea expands each of the other play sets.

Tatiana loves the Safari Train set which has a little oval track and lots of accessories which form a beat safari park.  There are animals to feed, a train to ride, and we have made some little tickets for the visitors.  As the train travels around the track, press the buttons on the side to hear the animals.  There are six fun safari sounds of the different animals, including lions roaring and monkeys chattering.  The set includes 6 animals, 10 safari accessories, a zoo keeper, a little tot, a spare hat for another little tot to join in, and 2 animal hats for the little tots to play dress up with.

The Tots Town range is available from Argos and selected Sainsbury's stores, priced from £9.99.

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