Review: Monkey Flip Game by Chad Valley

Like many families, we love a new game to play at Christmas, and this year's manic mayhem will come courtesy of Chad Valley's Monkey Flip.

This fun game is for two players aged 3+ and Sophia (5) and Tatiana (3) soon got to grips with it, even if they didn't always play by the rules (Tatia!)  The 16 monkeys needed some minor assembly, i.e. putting the stickers on, which Sophia was actually better at than me and my mum, as we kept getting them the wrong way round and were roundly told off by the small one!  I did manage to put the tree together successfully though.

Once assembled, the object of the game is to catapult your monkeys into the tree where they will swing by their arms.  This seems simple but it does take some skill to position the catapult at the optimum distance from the tree and to then put the correct amount of pressure on it to ensure the monkeys fly.  Sophia, our mini engineer, enjoyed trying out different distances and pressures to see what worked best.  I half expected her to produce a spreadsheet!

Tatiana was very proud of being 'on the green team' with her monkey gang and, although she couldn't quite get the hang of the catapult on the first go, enjoyed hanging them randomly in the tree.

Getting the monkeys in the tree starts off as fairly easy but the more hanging monkeys there are, the more likely you are to knock your own monkeys out, so the game takes longer than you would expect.  The girls loved it and had plenty of giggles over their monkeys.

The winner is the first to get all their monkeys in the tree first.  Let chaos commence!  (We're actually planning to buy a second game so we have double moneys for even more fun!)

Chad Valley Monkey Flip is available from Argos, priced £11.99, but is currently on offer a 2 for £15 deal, making it even more of a bargain!

We received Monkey Flip and a selection of other toys as part of our role on the Chad Valley Play Panel.

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