Lara's Cunning Plan for Protecting Her Christmas Presents

With just three days till the big day, it's nearly time to drag all those hidden presents out from their nooks and crannies and put the final touches to the home ready for Christmas.  But how can you make sure that no-one touches those presents till Christmas Day?

Lara has been very worried about anyone else getting to her presents, especially her Christmas stocking, before she does.  Luckily, security giant ADT take Christmas security as seriously as Father Christmas takes delivering all those presents on time.  Their #PresentPatrol campaign has helped Lara come up with some fantastic ways of protecting her presents from intruders, including those sneaky siblings!

At the front door she has scattered retractable pins which intruders will tread on, but they will disappear if the cats walk over them. These are followed by remote control robot spiders who will use lasers to alert her to any intruder's footsteps. The spiders will be around the Christmas tree in the dining room and on the floor of her bedroom too, constantly monitoring for alien footsteps.

In the hall she wants to install a replica Pharoah statue like this one at LEGOLAND, who will announce loudly everyone who enters the hall. Imagine that voice bellowing across the hall in dead of night!

Heading to the tree in the sitting room, you would be faced with swinging sand bags in the doorway and a secret trap door. Laser cameras will sound alarms whenever anyone other than the cats is detected, and there will be more of those pesky remote control spiders!

If you dare venture towards the bedroom where Lara's Christmas stockings are lying at the end of the bed, you will face another trap door, marbles to slip on, more laser spiders and a scary ghost toy bursting from the wardrobe at your ever move!

To even get to the bedroom you must either face a water balloon drench defence in the window, with freezing cold water, or have to cross a path where you must choose the right stones to step on or face unimaginable perils. There will even be a mouse cage that falls down on you, a la Mouse Trap!

Scary stuff.  Touch Lara's presents or stockings at your own risk!

What traps and tricks can your kids come up with to protect their precious presents? Download the plan and challenge them to come up with their own ideas.

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