7 Asparagus Recipes You Must Try

Today marks the official start of asparagus season although, with the crazy weather we had this spring, it may be sparse on the shelves for another couple of weeks yet.  But when you can get some, try one of these asparagus recipes to make the most of those glorious green spears.  (I make no apology for the number of rice/risotto recipes!)

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  1. There are some great recipes to try here!

  2. I like the idea of Courgette and Asparagus Risotto. A good taste combination, the only thing I would say is Asparagus is available early and our courgettes are not ready until high summer


    1. True. I'm afraid we buy courgettes all year round from the farm shop here, think they come from Italy, hopefully by boat :-/

  3. Some nice recipes, the roasted potatoes and asparagus looks nice.

  4. I love asparagus and have made quite a few recipes but the Artichoke and Asparagus Paella is a new one, thanks!


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