3 Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

The average UK household throws £470 worth of food in the bin every year.  A shocking 7.3 million tonnes of food that could have been used, preserved or never bought in the first place. Food waste makes up more than 30% of our rubbish busily filling landfill sites up and down the country. But there are three easy ways you can reduce your food waste AND save money.

Make a Meal Plan

Spend 15 minutes or so planning ahead for what meals you will be eating over the week.  Check your cupboards, fridge and freezer first to see what you can make with what you already have. Then create a meal plan to suit your household's needs.

Just half an hour of planning and writing an accompanying shopping list will save you time and money. Plus you will stop buying unnecessary food that just festers at the back of the fridge. We find that shopping online actually saves more money as you order just what is on your list rather than being tempted by BOGOF offers, new products or extra bits and treats.

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Plan Your Portions

Portion planning and knowing the portion sizes your family need is the key to only buying, and cooking, what you will actually use. Portion up meals correctly and you will save money and avoid putting leftovers in the bin. Take a look at the portion planner at love food hate waste if you're not sure.

Love Your Freezer

If you do make too much, get into the habit of freezing leftovers rather than leaving them in the fridge then throwing them away a few days later. You could also try making extra portions on purpose or even batch cooking so you can fill your freezer with ready meals for when time is tight.  And don't forget to freeze excess fruit or vegetables to use later.

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Follow these three simple tips and you will save money and avoid throwing food away.

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