10 Sneaky Ways to Boost Your Daily Step Count

Are you struggling to meet your daily steps target?

Or simply looking for some easy ways to get more active?

Whether you're aiming for 10,000 steps a day or 1,000, here are 21 ways you can up your step count without really trying.

Whether you have a Fitbit or not, we all need to move more, so see how many of these sneaky ways to move more you can fit in to your day today.


Forget what you were told as a child and go ahead and fidget!

Pace up and down as you talk on the phone, wander around the garden whilst reading your book, jog or march on the spot as you wait for the kettle to boil or as you're cooking dinner.

Be a kid

While we're at it, why not embrace being a kid again?

Get out on their trampoline, have a go on their scooters, play chase, even hide and seek will involve walking around and up and down stairs.

The kids will love you joining in too - and it's fun.

Step it up by grabbing a skipping rope and practicing your old skills, a great full body work out with one easy piece of equipment.

Binge on Netflix

Binge on your favourite TV show or box set but don't chill.

Instead, dig out your old running machine, do some steps or just jog on the spot.

You could even run up and down the street or the garden during the ad breaks if you're watching commercial TV.

Get moving!

You could even tackle an exercise video or online tutorial.

Park as far away as possible

As great as your only walking/cycling intentions are, you will still need to drive or use public transport sometimes.

Get off at the stop furthest away from your destination, or park the furthest distance away to ensure you walk as far as possible.

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Take the stairs

You already know this one, but do you always do it?

Eschew the lift and the escalator and get your butt working on the stairs - up and down.

You could even use the stairs for a work out during your break too, great for rainy lunchtimes!

Tour the office

Regular breaks make you more productive, as long as you use the time to stretch, rehydrate and refocus anyway.

Get up at least once an hour to do some stretches, refill your water bottle or step outside for some fresh air.

Try to hand deliver messages or documents to your colleagues rather than emailing too, it's a few extra steps.

Get out more

Take a walk on your lunch break.

Grab your lunch (home-made of course), walk 20 minutes, sit and eat for 20 minutes, then walk back.  

You get great healthy food, fresh air and exercise: triple win.

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At home, walk your dog morning and evening, lunchtime too if you're around.

Get your flatmate, partner or family involved and make it a social time too.

You'll all benefit from the fitness and bonding, and you'll have a very happy dog!

Step it up at the weekend

Make an extra long walk one of your weekend habits.

Find your nearest long walk like the South Downs Way, Pennine Way or South West Coastal Path and pledge to complete it within 3 months or 6 months.

Spend one weekend day tackling your walk.

Or buy a local walking guide and try a new trail each weekend.

Geocaching, local walking groups, or even Pokemon Go are also all great ways to get out and get moving more.

Shop more

Yes, seriously.

Window shop the length of your high street and back, avoid the supermarket and shop at individual local shops each Saturday (great load bearing exercise too).

Or walk every aisle of the supermarket by going back and forth on your list rather than straight to what you need.

Spring clean often

Your regular chores will all help with your daily step target, but make extra effort to clean more and you will be amazed how quickly your steps add up.

If you don't already have a washing line or airer, buy one.

Hanging laundry out is great exercise, as is vacuuming and dusting.

You could even offer to help an elderly neighbour or family member with their housework for an extra step boost (and good karma).

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Follow these 10 tips and you'll soon be meeting your steps target every day, and you know what happens then - time for a new goal!

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