How to Introduce Your Cat to Your New Baby

Are you having a baby and worried about how your cat is going to take it?  Wondering how to introduce your skin baby to your fur baby?  While children and cats may seem like natural candidates to become the best of friends, not taking time to make the correct preparations for the arrival of a new baby or child could cause battles.  We all want a happy cat - and a happy baby - so follow these simple tips to ensure your child and your cat will be perfect companions for years to come.

Make Sure The Cat Is Prepared

Put yourself in your cat's shoes and think about how you would feel if you were them.  Used to having you and your home to themselves, and suddenly a loud, crying thing arrives and takes up all your time and attention.

If you are making changes to your home, such as new furniture, set it all up in plenty of time so that the cat has time to get used to the new furniture or decor.  You could even go as far as playing baby noises to your cat so it is prepared when they start for real.  A plug-in diffuser can help keep your cat calm.

Provide a Child Free Zone

Even if your cat ends up falling in love with your child, they still need to have their me time.  Cats have their moments when they do not want to be bothered by anyone, for any reason.  Make sure your cat has a space, preferably up high, where they can go to get away when they need to.  Make sure your cats usual sleeping spots are maintained and, if you do need to change them, do so a few months before baby's arrival.

The First Meeting

If you have your baby outside the home, make sure to greet your cat on your own when you return home.  Next leave a piece of clothing your baby has worn or a blanket lying around so the cat can sniff it and get used to their scent before introducing the two.  Finally, place baby on a blanket on the floor while you sit on the sofa and let your cat come in and sniff them.

Supervise The Two

After the initial introduction, don't just place your cat and your child in the same room and expect everything to be OK.  Your cat may feel threatened and your child may incur the wrath of the pet by doing something as innocent as pulling its tail.  The cat may not want to be around the child at that moment and could lash out.

Keep a close eye on the two of them when they are together, especially at the beginning.  Once they have a feel for each other, they will find their own way and build their own relationship.  Remember to always keep your cat away from the baby when it is sleeping, by having baby near to you or closing the door of the room baby is in.  (Baby sleeping is a great chance for you to get some kitty cuddles and re-connect with your favourite feline.)

Maintain The Cat's Lifestyle

Keep your cat's routine as much as possible.  Cats are not fans of change and when you spring too much on them too quickly, they can become even more finicky than they already are.  When your cat is accustomed to receiving meals at a certain time or getting to play with you in certain moments, don't mess with a successful schedule.  Treat them to some new toys too so they feel like they matter as much as ever.

Teach Your Child to Respect The Cat

As your baby grows teach them to respect the cat.  Teach them that animals are not toys here for our convenience or entertainment, and should be treated with respect just like any other member of the family.

Follow these tips and it will save you a lot of stress, and improve the relationship between your child and your cat, hopefully making them close companions for years to come.

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