21 Fun Ways to Use Easter Chocolate

Do you feel like you're drowning in Easter chocolate?  Or are you looking for something fun to make with all those Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs before they disappear after Easter?  This is the collection for you: 21 recipes that use delicious Easter chocolate, from Maltesers to Lindt bunnies.

There are two schools of thought - get rid of temptation as quickly as possible, or do something fabulous with it and indulge away. This gorgeous Creme egg bark goes for the latter, making the most of whatever chocolate and sweeties you have around to make something even more delicious.

Turn Cadbury Mini Eggs into an art form with these delightful Easter mini egg cupcakes from My Kitchen Love.  SO pretty.

This is a classic way to use up chocolate - bung some Rice Krispies in, but have you thought about foregoing individual cake cases to make a full-on Mini egg chocolate rice crispy cake as a centrepiece?  What's not to love!

Step over brownies, it's blondie time.  These Easter candy blondies are perfect for using up M&Ms, Mini Eggs and all kinds of other delights.  What will you chuck into the mix?

For all out indulgence, and the perfect dessert for kids or to scoff in front of a film perhaps, these OTT Mini egg chocolate cheesecake cups from Canadian Cooking Adventures are hard to beat.

Or how about this Easter funfetti cookie cake from The Soccer Mom Blog - no child (even the young at heart) could resist!

Back to those Cadbury Creme Eggs again with these delicious-looking brownies from Recipes from a Pantry.  There surely has to be space in your life for Creme egg brownies?

And if it's dessert you're after, go for this yummy Caramel ice cream with Easter eggs from Fab Food 4 All.  The kids will love it!

Stuck with a box of Maltesers?  (How much do we love it that they still come in boxes?!)  Then make this no bake Malteser tiffin.  You won't be able to stop at just one piece.

How pretty are these M&M Loaded Easter cookies from DIY Candy?  Almost too good to eat.

If you're left with Easter egg shells or a load of broken bits, melt them all down and make good old crispy cakes to give out to relatives, neighbours or at school suggests Kate from Mum of 2 Point 5.

Creme Eggs do seem to feature heavily in the Easter baking and this gorgeous Creme egg cheesecake from Baking Beauty will be right up your street if you're a fan.

Lindt chocolate makes the most delicious icing.  If you haven't tried it, grab a couple of bunnies and make our super easy chocolate cake recipe right now.  I'll wait for you.

If you've got a variety of odds and ends to hand then make these brilliant leftover Easter chocolate cookies from Something Sweet Something Savoury.  (Is it wrong to tell you that I really covet her cute Easter bunny with his sign for our decoration stash?)

Yep, it's them again.  But oh my, how amazing do these brownies look??  I'm off to make these amazing Cadbury creme egg brownies right now!

Older kids will love making these easy bird nest meringue cookies from Saving Dollars and Sense.  They look really effective too, the perfect thing for your Easter table.

OK I'm not even going to mention them now, yep it's another showing for the fondant-filled indulgences, this time in a Creme egg icebox cake from Food Meanderings.

Something a bit different are these pretty Easter bunny popcorn bars from It Bakes Me Happy, the perfect egg hunt crowd pleaser.

We originally made these with Lindt reindeer, but bunnies will work just as well - and who could resist these yummy chunky milk chocolate and peanut butter cookies?

For smaller more delicate cookies, these sweet little Mini Cadbury egg cookies from The Soccer Mom Blog are fab, perfect for little thumbs to make.

A final appearance for the Creme Eggs in this use up all sorts Creme Egg microwave fudge from Food Meanderings.

What will you use your Easter eggs to make?

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