How to Keep Cool in the Summer Heat

As the weather gets warmer do you immediately whack on the air conditioning?  Or just wish you had some?  There are plenty of ways to keep your home cool this summer without spending a fortune.  Read on for how to save money, save energy, and still feel comfortable in the summer heat.


As the temperature rises, open your windows and spend lots of time outdoors.  It's believed that the body takes about 2 weeks to adjust to seasonal temperature change, so give yourself some time to adjust and become more comfortable with the higher temperatures.


Spritz yourself with cool water as often as possible, and run cold water over your pulse points at your wrists and ankles.  For an extra-cooling spritz, add 2-4 drops of peppermint essential oil to a cup of water or cooled peppermint tea and use it to spritz your face, arms and feet.


Eat cooling foods and drink cold drinks throughout summer to regulate your body temperature from the inside out.  Lower your core body temperature with frozen fruit smoothies, home-made ice lollies, and chilled fruit such as melon or frozen grapes.


Electric fans use far less electricity than air conditioning, and do work to circulate air around the room making it feel cooler.  Position a portable fan by an open window to move cooler evening and early morning air into the room and then closing the curtains helps to keep a room cool.

If you live in a warm climate consider installing a ceiling fan which is more effective at circulating air throughout a room.


Planting trees and shrubs along the sunniest side of your property can be effective in creating a much-needed shade barrier that will help keep your home cool.  Mimosa, forsythia and rhodenderons are all effective.  Or consider adding awnings to your sunniest doors and windows that can be lowered to create shade when needed.

Indoor plants can also keep your house cool because they lose water during transpiration, which cools the air around them, leaving it purified and fresh. Aloe vera, areca palm, ferns and golden pothos are particularly effective.


As beautiful as sunshine pouring in is, it is also heating up your home fast, so draw the blinds or curtains to keep the room cooler.  Blackout blinds or backing to your curtains will keep more of the heat out.  You can even buy rolls of tinting to cover your windows in summer which helps come some of the sun out.

Windows can be left open behind the curtains or blinds if safe to do so, and opning windows opposite each other will be most effective in creating cross-ventilation.  At night, leave windows open and curtains or blinds open to cool the house.

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