The Best Dressing Up Costumes for Kids

Children love to dress up at any time of year, but never more so than in autumn and Winter.  Whether you are looking for a cute costume for a party or a great Christmas gift, these fun dress up costumes based on recent popular films will be very popular.  We have costumes for characters from Frozen, Aladdin and Dumbo for the younger kids, and Star Wars, Godzilla: King of Monster and Avengers: Endgame costumes for the older ones.

The Best Frozen Costumes for Kids

The first Frozen movie was released in 2013 and it achieved world-wide success becoming the highest grossing animated film of all time, and the fifteenth highest grossing film.  Given its success, it’s no shock that Frozen is getting a sequel which, much to the delight of fans, will hit cinemas in November 2019.

The second Frozen film is bringing back all the characters that everyone loved from the first, and takes place three years after the close of the first movie.  Frozen dressing up costumes will be more popular than ever.

The most popular character from the Frozen movies is Elsa.  She’s a princess who became heir to the throne after her parents were killed. She has magic powers that allow her to control ice and snow.  This Elsa costume is a brilliant blue floor length dress with sequins on it to make it sparkle like the princess’s dress in the movie, and a floor length cape.

Or this gorgeous Elsa dressing up costume that has sheer sleeves and a long train. Some of the Elsa costumes come with a tiara, blue gloves, and wand like this one. But not all of them do, so you might have to buy some of these items separately, such as this braided Elsa wig set.

Elsa’s younger sister Anna became known as a courageous princess when she struck out on her own to find her sister and bring her home. She shares a close bond with Elsa, and has a positive, upbeat attitude in any situation.

Anna’s Frozen costume is a dress with black bodice and a dark blue skirt. Both the bodice and skirt have pretty green and pink designs. The bodice also has gold trim at the bottom of it.  The long sleeves of the dress are light blue. The costume comes with a dark pink cape that has gold trim around the edges.

Frozen also introduced one of the most lovable sidekicks of any Disney animated movie.  Olaf is a singing snowman who was brought to life unintentionally by Elsa before she realized she had the power to give life to ice and snow. Olaf is very cheerful and helped Anna locate Elsa.

The Frozen Olaf costume is a white jumpsuit that has padded overlay. The overlay is designed to look like the bottom snowballs that make up Olaf’s snowman form. It has black felt spots down the front middle to resemble the rocks on Olaf’s body, black arms and a headpiece designed to look like Olaf’s face.

The Best Aladdin Costumes for Kids

The original animated movie version of Aladdin first delighted movie-goers in 1992. That movie was both a cinematic and financial success, earning just over half a billion dollars. The latest movie featuring the story of the lovable street urchin follows the same basic storyline and has been a similar hit.

There are several characters from the movie that children can dress up, and there are even adult  versions of the most popular characters. The Princess Jasmine costume is made in the style of a two piece harem outfit.  The trousers are loose and billow out and then are gathered at the ankles. One of the tops is a mid-riff baring top but a different style has the mid-riff area covered up.

The top of the trousers are decorated with a faux gold belt. Some of the Jasmine costumes will come with accessories like this one, but you can also buy the beautiful jewelled accessories separately. Many of these costumes do not come with the slippers, but these can also be bought separately.

A lovely alternative Princess Jasmine costume is this rose-coloured gown adorned with gold ribbon and gold details, just beautiful.  This one goes up to a 10 year old size too.

Aladdin’s costume is usually the 'street rat' version of Aladdin’s costume which is in muted colours with loose trousers and shirt over.

There are two variants of the genie costume this one includes blue pants that are loose and billowing. The top is made in a tunic style but designed in such a way that it appears that there’s a robe over the shirt.  This shirt features a design that looks like a wide gold sash. The turban is also included with this costume.

The Best Dumbo Costumes for Kids

In 1941, Dumbo stole the hearts of families worldwide. His real name is Jumbo Jr. but because of his overly large ears, he’s nicknamed Dumbo.  His ears are the focus of mean spirited name-calling and some bullying in the original.  However, his large ears allow him to fly and he eventually gains popularity and adoration because of it.  A live-action adaption of the film was released in March of 2019, so it’ll be an in-demand costume this season.

Dumbo is the perfect costume for little ones.  The child’s Dumbo costume is a gray jumpsuit with a red and gold collar.  The tail included on the jumpsuit is detachable. The costume also comes with a grey headpiece with large grey and pink ears and a small yellow hat that has the Timothy mouse character from the original film sewn onto the front of it.

For girls there is also a slightly different costume for girls which is a cute Dumbo dress that comes with a pretty grey tutu style skirt, red and gold peplum frill and a picture of Dumbo on the bodice.  It also has a cute yellow headpiece featuring Timothy mouse.

There is even an adorable Dumbo infant costume for babies aged 6-12  or 12-18 months.  This gorgeous set has huge Dumbo ears, grey plush babygro with elephant foot detail at the cuffs, red and gold frill at the neck and sweet yellow Timothy mouse hat attached.

The Best Star Wars Costumes for Kids

The final movie in the Skywalker saga is scheduled to hit cinemas a few days before Christmas in December 2019.  In this film, what’s left of the Resistance must face off against the First Order for the last time. Several fan favorites will be reappearing in this movie, including Rey, Kylo, and Luke Skywalker.

Luke Skywalker is always one of the most popular Star Wars characters.  He was the main protagonist of the first three Star Wars films, which were released in the 70s and 80s and now serves as a mentor in the 2017 film The Last Jedi, and will be appearing in The Rise of Skywalker.

This Luke Skywalker dressing up costume is similar to his outfit from the original. It’s a cream robe with long sleeves.  Matching tan trousers are included, along with a brown belt.  This Jedi dressing up costume also includes a tan cape with hood.  It also comes with a blue light saber.

The most popular character to be introduced in the new Star Wars films is the main protagonist, Rey. She’s a scavenger and is the one to find Luke Skywalker after his disappearance.  Rey has never been trained when she picks up a lightsaber and fights the villain Kylo Ren. She defeats him in their first duel.

Rey’s costume is similar to Luke’s. It comes with a tan top that crosses at the chest and short, light trousers, stopping just past the knees. The costume also includes detached gauntlet sleeves that match the top, and a brown belt with a pouch.  A grey version from The Last Jedi is also available, pictured on the right.

If your child would prefer to be a villain instead of one of the heroes this year, a great choice is Kylo Ren. His birth name was Ben Solo, and he was the nephew of Luke Skywalker.  Luke trained him as a Jedi, but Ben turned to the dark side when he was older and hopes to become as big of a villain as his grandfather, Darth Vader.

This Star Wars Kylo Ren costume is all black and comes with a robe and cape with a hood. It also comes with a black belt and a face mask. To help you achieve the Kylo Ren look, don’t forget to pick up a red light saber too!

The Best Godzilla: King of Monster Costumes for Kids

Godzilla has always been a monster to reckon with. And in the movie Godzilla: King of Monsters, he proves once again, that he’s not the monster you trifle with. The movie, which is a sequel to the one from 2014, showcases kaiju monsters alongside Godzilla.

To the delight of movie goers and to save the world of course, Godzilla rises again, proving that he is and always will be the king of monsters. This season you can star as the king of monsters wearing one of the costumes based on the movie.

One of the best is this inflatable Godzilla costume that comes with a battery operated fan.  This costume is made of polyester so it’s lightweight. The color is a mix of brown and grey and comes pre-printed with the Godzilla markings.  You will need to stuff the tail with a cushion pad to make it stand out properly.

If you would prefer to wear regular clothes or you want the pieces separately, you can just buy this classic kid's Godzilla costume with mask.  The dark green and grey costume comes complete with scales, tail and back armour.

The Best Avengers: Endgame Costumes for Kids

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers were left separated after Thanos decimated half of the population. In Avengers: Endgame, this movie picks up where Infinity War left off, with the same beloved characters that remained.  These characters wanted to find a way to bring back the ones they’d lost. With such a large cast, there’s no shortage of great costumes to choose from.

One of the most popular characters is Captain America. The character first came onto the scene in 1941. As a super soldier, he fought alongside the Allies in World War II. His real name is Steve Rogers, who was a fragile man until he took a serum to bulk him up, turn him into a super solder and helped him fight in the war.

Captain America’s costume is a blue jumpsuit with red and white accents. The jumpsuit has attached shoe covers, and the chest has Captain America’s star emblem on it. The costume also comes with a half mask for the face and that has the Captain’s trademark A on it.  To complete the look, you can purchase the matching red, white, and blue Captain America shield.

Another great superhero choice from the movie is Thor.  He first entered the comics world in 1962 and the character is based on the Norse god of the same name. Thor is a god, but in the beginning of the original Thor movie he’s cast down from Asgard to earth by his father after he makes a rash decision and has to learn to live among humans.

Thor's Avengers: Endgame costume is a padded jumpsuit with a muscled chest. It’s black and silver with a red cape. To complete the look, you can buy a blond, shoulder-length Thor wig as an accessory and you can also buy Thor’s famous hammer as well.  Or buy this Thor dressing up costume that includes both.

If they want to dress up as a female superhero, then check out this kids Black Widow costume. Black Widow’s real name is Natasha, and she debuted in the comic world in 1964 as a Russian spy.  She ends up working at S.H.I.E.L.D.  Black Widow’s costume is a black jumpsuit with a gold belt and cuffs.

And if rather dress up as a villain, Loki is a great choice.  He’s another god and is also Thor’s adopted younger brother. He’s the god of mischief and uses his powers and intelligence in his plans for revenge.

The Avengers Loki dressing up costume is a green and black jumpsuit with gold accents. The torso is slightly padded for definition. It comes with a flowing green cape, and Loki’s gold helmet of curled ram horns.

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