15 of the Most Fun Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

Teenage boys are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for.  And, although a gift card for his favourite store or download site might only elicit a grunt or two, he will still expect to find a stocking under the tree or at the end of his bed full of little bits and bobs.  Here are 13 stocking filler ideas he'll love.

Sneaker Balls

Stuff sneaker balls in your teens stocking to avoid smelly shoes in his gym locker, or closet.  (Buy in the UK)

Dr Who Tardis Desk Tidy

This Tardis desk tidy is just the thing to keep his pens and pencils under control - you might even encourage more time doing homework too...

Vertical Vortex

This vertical vortex is kind of like a fidget spinner, only a lot more fun to tinker with.

Bluetooth Beanie

Teen boys will love this hands free way to listen to music while staying toasty!

Iron Man Charger and Device Holder

Teen boys will love this stand that holds on to your phone or game controller while it charges.  And Iron Man has to be everyone's favourite superhero!

Kanoodle Brain Twisting 3-D Puzzle

In this small package are 200 brain bending puzzle challenges. Teens will love this!

Rapid Ramen Cooker

This rapid ramen cooker will keep your teen in easy after school snacks in minutes!

Zombie Plant Kit

Teens can learn a lot about life by tending to plants. This sensitive plant seed packet is perfect for growing a terrarium full of lovely plants that look like brains and eye balls!

Gamer At Play Door Sign

This door hanger is a great stocking stuffer for any teen gamer!

Thumb Smartphone Stand Holder

This smartphone holder is perfect for boys who like to watch videos or video chat on their phones. It will hold the phone at the perfect angle for viewing.

Waxed Bacon Floss

Flossing isn't much fun, unless you have Bacon Floss at your disposal. Add it to his stocking for dental health!

Sasquatch Soap

Teens who like Bigfoot are going to love this fun scented soap.

Reindeer Barf - Rainbow Lace Licorice

Reindeer barf licorice is a colorful, funny and tasty treat to toss in a stocking!

Farting Poop Emoji Pen

Teen boys appreciate farts in a way no one else can. This pen will entertain him for hours as he decides which of the 7 gross sounds it makes is his fave.

The Try Not to Laugh Challenge

Would you rather ... is a classic game, and this Eww! edition has more than 160 hilarious creepy-crawly, ooey-gooey and smelly questions that are guaranteed to raise plenty of laughs among family and friends.

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