6 Ways to Get Organised Before Christmas!

We spend so long waiting for Christmas to arrive, you’d think that we would all be ready for it by December 1st… However, it’s only when the last month of the year hits that we realise there is still so much to do and so much to plan! Why didn’t we start earlier? Will we ever be ready? And why isn’t there enough time?

First of all, relax. You probably have more time than you think to get things ready, so for now just enjoy taking a little time to plan and prioritise and check out these 6 ways to get organised before Christmas – it might make things a little easier!

Write plans, lists and fill in those calendars

Nativities, office parties, drinks with friends, the food shop, the gifts for each child and family member…the lists go on and on and it’s all too much for one mind! So, start getting organised by writing out lists, or spreadsheets and get them printed off – for hp printer ink, click the link. Pin your calendar bookings on your fridge or notice board so you don’t double book yourself through December. Keep the list of gift ideas in a safe place, or better still – invest in a Christmas planner!

Check our list of Essential Christmas Dates for last post dates, Christmas ordering dates and more.

Update those details

If you’re still in the habit of writing Christmas cards, then make sure you have the latest contact details and addresses of everyone you want to send them to. If you have friends abroad, take into account the additional time it will take for your card to arrive. If you’re unsure of all the names of the kids in your child’s class, then ask for a class sheet of all the names so your little one doesn’t miss anyone out.

Dig out the suitcases

If you’re spending the Christmas break with relatives, then retrieve the suitcases and luggage you will need and start filling it up as the month goes on. Make a list of important items you’ll need to remember such as toiletries, medications, phone chargers and keep it nearby so you won’t forget anything in the inevitable rush!

Start pre-buying your Christmas food

Ideal for long-life foods, add to your Christmas treats by buying a few items every time you head to the supermarket. This will spread the cost over the Christmas period, and it means no fighting in the supermarket aisles on Christmas Eve!

Check out our Ultimate Christmas Shopping List so you don't forget anything!

Plan your Christmas menu

Turkey? Or Goose? Is there a gluten-free option? And what about your niece who has recently become vegan? Get a head start on your Christmas Dinner menu by getting a list of all dietary requirements and how many guests are coming. If you’re planning a get-together on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, then it’s also a good idea to start planning what kind of meal you’re going to serve e.g. a buffet or just nibbles and how many guests are coming.

Enjoy yourself!

With so much to do and organise throughout the Christmas period, the idea of enjoying yourself can seem a little out of reach. But try not to burn yourself out and enjoy spending time with your family.  Remember to find some me time in all the Christmas busyness.

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