5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips from a Professional Organizer

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to get cleaning!

There is nothing quite like coming home to a clean house.

However, deep cleaning your home from top to bottom can be overwhelming.

Here are a few ways I’ve learned to get a clean house without the headache.

This is a guest post by professional organizer Alexandra who blogs at Living Simply.

1. Break it down by room

I break my spring cleaning to-do list into sections.

This makes it seem manageable and less overwhelming.

Specifically, I divide tasks by room.

 I find you’re more likely to move forward if you can see definitive progress and that’s easier to see when an entire room gets cleaned. Also, this prevents you from running around your house cleaning every window, baseboard, or wall.

Here is an example of how you could break down your tasks:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Laundry/Utility Rooms
  • Other/Outside
Based on the size of the room(s) and the tasks you’ve assigned it; estimate the length of time it’ll take to do them. Next, determine what days you plan to tackle them. Breaking down your to-do list and scheduling as you would an appointment will increase your chances of success without getting overwhelmed and quitting.

Grab our printable room by room 5 page checklist so you don't miss a thing!

2. Take this opportunity to PURGE

Along with cleaning, take this opportunity to go through your items and discard what you don’t use or may be broken. I like to use Emily Ley’s “best, favorite, necessary” rule to determine if something should stay or go. Is it the best for my family? Is it my favorite? Is it necessary for our life to function? If the answer is yes, the item stays. If the answer is no, out it goes!

One step further would be to find homes for the items you’ve decided to keep. This may help you pare down items further. Keep things where they will be used and accessible based on how often they are needed. This will enforce the habit of putting something away once you’re done with it.

3. Keep this list for yearly reference

Stop starting from scratch and keep your list of things you need to do from year-to-year. Tweak your schedule should you need and add or subtract tasks but there is no point wasting your time each year making a list of things you want to do each Spring. Create a spreadsheet or add the list to the notes section of your phone.

If you want to get specific, you can refer back to #1 and record how much time each room took so you can better schedule your cleaning days for next year.

Don't forget to grab our 5 page checklist to guide you!

4. Add yearly/quarterly maintenance to your calendar

Add reminders to your calendar to prompt you to call the window washer or to get your vents cleaned. Add contact information to the notes section so you’re not digging through emails or receipts looking for a phone number. Make this calendar notification reoccurring based on how often you need the service done.

You can also do this for things you do yourself. I use my calendar for daily reminders of tasks I need to do and errands I need to run. Adding them to your calendar as you would an event or appointment means you will remember and have the time built into your day to do it.

5. Ask for help

Don’t be a martyr. Ask your significant other and kids to get involved. They live in this house too. It took me time to realize that my family can and should be helping me with keeping our home clean and enjoyable. Now, my husband and I both have a list we are responsible for each Spring. It may not be even, but it cuts my responsibilities down significantly so for that, I’m grateful.

It’s also a great opportunity to teach kids responsibility. Put on some tunes and have younger kids help you dust or wash windows. Show older children how to read expiration dates so they can assist in cleaning out the pantry and fridge. Washing the car is something the whole family can enjoy.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag. A good, deep clean is a great tradition that not only keeps your living environment clean and organized, but also ensures that fresh-start feeling as we kick off the warmer months.

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