How to Celebrate Easter at Home

We may not all be able to celebrate Easter this year as family, friends, and neighbors usually do, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still celebrate. Easter is a favorite and meaningful holiday, and kids, in particular, would miss it if we didn’t celebrate.

So how can we celebrate this special holiday at home if we aren’t allowed to get out and do what we normally do? Celebrate at home of course!

Virtual Church Services

If your family normally attends religious services on Easter Sunday there is no reason that you can’t still attend. Have the whole family gather together and watch a virtual Easter service online.

You can watch the service from your home church if you have one, and if not there will be many that you can choose from online.

Make Easter Cards

You may not be able to get out and visit with your family, friends, and neighbors but that doesn’t mean that you can’t send them some Easter cheer.

Have your kids make Easter cards for their loved ones that you can mail. Everyone could use a little cheer right now, especially our elderly neighbors and family members.

If your kids enjoy getting creative and making cards, you might consider having them make some extra cards for your local long term care facilities. They aren’t allowed to have visitors right now and a card from a child could brighten their day.

Get Dressed Up and Take a Picture

Do you and your family normally get dressed up in your Easter best? If so, there is no reason not to do it this year as well.

Even if you didn’t have the opportunity to buy a new outfit for the family, chances are you have some “dressy” clothes in the closet. You may not be able to leave the house, but you can still get dressed up and take a family photo.

Decorate Easter Eggs

There is no reason that you can’t decorate eggs while you are hanging out in the comfort of your home. Hard boil a couple of dozen eggs and let your kids go to town.

You can dye the eggs with food coloring, use crayons or markers to decorate them, or use stickers to decorate them.

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Have an Egg Hunt

Take your decorated eggs and some plastic ones if you have them, and hide them around the garden for your kids to find. It may not be the larger egg hunts that your kids are used to, but it will still be a lot of fun!

If you haven’t been able to snag some Easter candy there are other small treats that you can put in your eggs. This might include coins or paper money, stickers, temporary tattoos, or a small toy.

Have a Virtual Visit

You may not be able to go see your friends and family this Easter but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a virtual visit.

There are several apps available for you to use for a virtual visit so that you can all see and speak to each other at the same time. Keep your Easter clothes on for your “visit” or snap some pictures to send over social media or through an email or text.

Make Treats

Why not celebrate Easter by making a special treat? This could be anything that your family enjoys having for special occasions but here are a few ideas!

Make rice crispy treats or cookies and decorate them with icing and candy, like you would an Easter egg, bake a cake and decorate it for Easter, or whip up a batch of brownies.

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Decorate for the Holiday

Right now there are a lot of great ideas out there from painting front windows to drawing with chalk
on the sidewalk or driveway to brighten the people who drive or walk by’s day.

If you don’t like the idea of paint on your windows (if you add a drop of dish soap to the paint it washes right off), or you don’t have a sidewalk, have your kids make something to hang in the windows. This could be decorated construction paper Easter eggs, flowers, or butterflies. Your kids will have fun creating them and those that see them will be sure to smile.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to help celebrate Easter at home. It is important during these trying times to keep things as normal as possible, and celebrating Easter is certainly a part of that. What ideas do you have for celebrating Easter at home this year?

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