Best Things to Do When You Are Stuck at Home for Easter

Easter this weekend will be very different to any we have experienced before.

No fun Easter egg hunts in parks or the grounds of historic houses, no visits to or from friends and family during this period of social distancing.

We may be stuck at home in self isolation but there are still ways to make Easter fun.

Easter is going to be a different this year, but that doesn't mean it has to be any less enjoyable or memorable.

Here are some fun Easter activities for kids to do at home this spring:


Easter home decor is all about those traditional chicks, Easter eggs and bunnies, with pastel shades of blue, green, yellow, pink and lilac.

Don't forget to decorate your Easter table for meals too.

Enjoy your best china, get a beautiful tablecloth out, and add some pretty decoration.

Pick flowers from the garden or collect natural materials on your daily walk.

Add a few fluffy chicks or bunnies and you're set.

Get the children involved with some new craft supplies.

Yes, we're only supposed to go out to buy essentials, but I see no reason why you can't pick up some decorative bits and bobs in the seasonal aisle while you're there.

Grab a few decorations, some craft items or kits, and some window stickers if you can find them and let the little ones loose.

You're festive Easter home awaits!


Make Easter cards to send to friends and family, the perfect way to stay in touch and connect with family and friends while you can't see each other over Easter.

Make cards with finger print bunnies or chicks on the front, or draw a cross or an Easter scene.

Get the children involved in crafts, from kits of course, but they could also get involved in more complex things such as making Easter baskets, sewing, crocheting or dyeing Easter eggs.

For the littlest ones, try this cute Easter activity pack which will keep them busy with early learning skills and colouring.  (The older ones will love these Easter eggs to colour too.)

Here are some ideas:


What better reason do you need to do some baking?  It even counts as learning time!

Get your aprons out and start whipping up an Easter storm in the kitchen.

What could be more tempting than an Easter tea table laden with delicious treats?

Here are some Easter baking ideas:

Easter Egg Hunt at Home

Whether indoors or in the garden, you can create an amazing Easter egg hunt at home that will rival any of the bigger hunts you usually go on.

The Easter Bunny can always ask Father Christmas where you live!

Hide eggs around the garden or indoors (or both) and either let the kids loose to see what they can find, or give them clues as to where to look next.

Riddles and puzzles can make it even more fun and challenging.

Ask children to complete the puzzle or solve the riddle to find the clue before they can search for the eggs.

They'll be busy all morning!

Here's an easy way to dye eggs for Easter or you could paint some stones with acrylic paint to make them look like Easter eggs if you don't want to hide chocolate ones.

Read more: How to Plan a Fun Easter Egg Hunt at Home

Other Things to Do at Home at Easter

1. Fun games

Grab some wooden spoons, hard boil some eggs or improvise with balls, and have a good old-fashioned egg and spoon race.

It’s a great game for improving hand to eye co-ordination and is great fun too.

You could also have an egg toss (bean bags will do) or roll eggs down a hill if you have one in your garden or nearby.

For the egg toss grab some buckets, baskets or boxes and try throwing plastic eggs, balls or bean bags into them.

How about Bunny Bunny Hop (Easter variation on Duck Duck Goose) or having a bunny hop race around the garden.

Who doesn't want to play bunnies?!

And it's a great way to get some exercise in after all that chocolate too!

Indoors, you could play pin the tail on the Easter Bunny, do some egg bowling, or have fun Easter activity sheets and colouring pages to colour.

See: Fun at Home Easter Scavenger Hunt

2. Dress up

We've all got into a habit of pyjamas or yoga pants for much of the day, so take the opportunity to dress up and even wear an Easter bonnet of the mood takes you.

Maybe you could start an Easter photo tradition with your family?

3. Garden

Easter is the perfect time to get out in the garden, so follow our tips for helping your child learn to garden.

You can plant seeds in egg shells or make cress egg heads to continue the eggy theme.

Or you could build a bug hotel or make a fairy garden.

4. Connect with your community

Bake, or make crafts, cards or coloured eggs and leave them on your neighbour's doorstep, or pop some extra Easter eggs in your supermarket trolley and hand those out.

Just remember to practice social distancing.

Church doors may be closed but nearly all churches have an online presence now, so turn on your phone or open your laptop for a beautiful Easter Sunday service right there on your sofa.

You could even virtually visit a cathedral or listen to their service via livestream or podcast.

5. Hang out with friends and family

You can't be together in person right now, but why not organise a virtual meet up. 

A virtual Easter lunch or afternoon tea together would be the perfect way to celebrate at a distance.

We may be quarantined at home, but there's no reason we can't make the most of family time together this Easter.

Happy Easter!

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