How to Plan a Fun Easter Egg Hunt at Home

Whether you're hosting a big Easter brunch or party, having family over, or just enteertainging your own kids with an Easter egg hunt, it's easy to plan an Easter egg hunt in your own house or garden.  We've got all the tips you need for decorating, hiding eggs, and other family-friendly holiday activities.

The Easter tradition of an egg hunt dates back to the 19th century, when it became the custom to add children's activities into religious holiday celebrations.  These days it's hard to imagine Easter without a fun search for those foil-wrapped or beautifully coloured dyed eggs.

But a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt doesn't have to take place outside in your local area, or with lots of other kids, it can be just as much fun at home.

You may be staying at home because it's raining over Easter weekend, you're feeling unwell or, as currently, due to isolation restrictions.  But you can still keep the kids entertained this Easter with cute egg hunts you can do at home, either in your garden or around the house.  Just remember to tell the Easter Bunny where you are!

Here's how to organize the ultimate Easter egg hunt around your house and garden.

There is always something magical about an Easter egg hunt wherever it is held: the giddiness of anticipation, the starry-eyed excitement about whether EB has been yet, just like Father Christmas, then the dizzying hunt for treasure, and the opportunity to dive into a vat full of sugar!  Ah, the joys.

But just how can you replicate all that excitement at home without a horde of excited children and predetermined trails?

Well, all you need is a bit of imagination and a lot of chocolate!

There are several ways to go about it, from simply hiding all those foil-wrapped treasures to complex puzzles and clues leading directly to the treasure hot spots.

Some of the bigger Easter selection boxes come with their own clue cards, signs and even bunting, but it's easy to make your own too.  or you can get printable sets online such as the cute printable direction signs from St Michaels' Hospice you can see above.

If you are using clues, hide them around your home or garden for the children to find, leading them to a stash of chocolate treasure at the end, or attach them to treats that they can collect as they go.

There are lots of lovely ideas on Etsy too that you can download upon purchase.  We love these adorable pastel clue cards by Rainy Lain Designs.

If your Easter egg hunt is indoors, don't overlook crazy places to hide treats around the house: inside a dolls house fridge; under the covers of a dolly cot; coat pockets or shoes; and in all sorts of nooks and crannies.

You can buy a wide range of foil covered eggs at most stores, from tiny to huge so buy a variety to hide, plus some cute bunny or chick-shaped treats too.

Whether you are hunting for eggs outdoors or in, you will need a basket.  If you don't have one yet, there's still time to make one of these adorable easy make your own Easter baskets.

Once you have your basket and a plan of whether to hide eggs outdoors or in, or both, it's time to get organised with those eggs.

If you have really little ones it might be an idea to wrap everything in colour-coded tissue to prevent arguments.  For older children a rule that you only take one of each kind of egg would work.  After al, being fair is essential if you want chocolate smiles all round at the end!

I would also suggest a no eating on the go rule, so the egg hunt is dedicated to finding not munching!  You could even incentivize this with the promise of bonus booty when they reach the end with all wrapping intact.

Our fun Easter scavenger hunt is another way to get everyone active while looking for eggs.  They'll be so busy trying to find the next thing, they won't have time to snaffle an egg or two!

This scavenger hunt is perfect for younger children because it has pictures to point them in the right direction.  You just need to scatter the items around your home so they can find them.. Maybe add a little treat next to each one?  Early readers will love being able to sound out the simple words too!

Whether you are hiding indoors or out, bear in mind the age of your egg hunters.  Put eggs in easier to spot places or easier to reach ones like lower branches, even out in the open for the youngest searchers.

For older kids choose hard to find spots like under leaves or in plant pots outside, and in nooks and crannies indoors.  Our girls love to find them in dolls' buggies or cots, and in various parts of their dolls houses.

Just remember to count how many you put out and keep track of numbers as they are found, or you may have a random egg turning up in mid-June cuing many questions and requests regarding a return visit from the Easter Bunny (ask me how I know!)

And if you end up with too much chocolate (what is too much?!) use your surplus of treats in these delicious leftover Easter chocolate recipes.

More ideas for a fun Easter at home:

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