7 Egg-cellent Easter Weekend Boredom Busters

With lockdowns in place across the world, Easter might not be eggs-actly what you planned this year but that doesn't mean that you still can’t have lots of fun with your family.  Children's charity Action for Children has 7 brilliant boredom busters for your family this Easter Holiday weekend.

These egg-cellent indoor and outdoor ideas will see you through a long weekend in lockdown, mostly without spending a penny!

1. Hold an old-fashioned Sports Day

It can be indoors or outdoors if the sun's shining.  Challenge the family to an egg and spoon race, hula hooping contest or a wheelbarrow race. Maybe give the hurdles a miss if you’re in the front room though…

2. The Great Easter Bake Off

Pretend you’re in the tent and every member of the family has to make a bake over the weekend.  It doesn’t have to be sweet, pies and pasties would count too.

The rest of the family then get to channel their inner Prue or Paul and judge the results.

Need inspiration?  Try our favourite Easter bakes.

3. Holiday at home

Lots of us would have been spending Easter on the road, either heading off for a short break or visiting friends and family.  But this year, why not have a mini trip to the back garden instead?

Set up a tent or build a den – at least you won’t have to go far if it starts to rain, or you need the loo!

4. Create a home cinema

Thought you were going to see one of the big Easter cinema releases this weekend?  Why not grab some popcorn/hot dogs/sweets, dim the lights and pull the curtains to recreate the big screen experience at home instead.

5. Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

You’ll need to rope in the family for this one but it’s a great excuse to get all your loved ones together, even if it is online.

Ahead of your hunt let each family member know where you will be hiding 'their' egg so that they can start to think about clues to give to the little ones.

Use a videoconferencing app like Zoom to invite everyone to your hunt and, when the party starts, ask your kids to welcome the guests while you hide the eggs around the house.  Team each child up with a family member and then they have to follow the clues to find their prize.

For a real Easter egg hunt see our guide to how to plan a fun Easter egg hunt at home.

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6. Dye Easter Eggs

An oldie but a goodie, and you should be able to do it with items you have at home.  Add your natural dye and eggs to a saucepan of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove the eggs from the pan, place in a heatproof jug or bowl and cover with the liquid from the saucepan.

Add a tablespoon of vinegar for every 250ml water and allow to cool for at least four hours (or overnight if you can) – the longer you leave your egg the more intense the colour will be.

Some suggestions for food dyes are:

Pink to red: beetroot

Blue: red cabbage

Brown: brewed coffee

Yellow: turmeric

Purple: blueberries

Green: spinach

You can also use sweets to dye Easter eggs!

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7. A Grand Day Out

Technology means we can visit any number of museums, galleries and other attractions for a day trip, all from the comfort of our own living rooms! In the UK the Natural History Museum and National Gallery can both be toured online.  Or you can head further afield to see the Taj Mahal, Bilbao’s Guggenheim or Yosemite National Park.

For more suggestions of fun, family activities for the Bank Holiday weekend visit actionforchildren.org.uk

To support Action for Children’s emergency coronavirus appeal which will help families cover the cost of the basics, please visit actionforchildren.org.uk, call 0300 123 2112 or text ‘ACTION to 70175 to donate £5.