Felt Easter Chick Easy Sewing Project {with free printable template}

If you are looking for a fun craft activity to do with the kids this week, this sweet Easter Chick Plushie is perfect.  This project is perfect even for beginners.  The easy to follow step by step instructions will result in a cute little Easter chick decoration or toy in no time.

Felt Easter Chick Sewing Craft

Supplies needed:

Pattern - download here
Felt fabric in orange, black, white and 2 shades of yellow
Matching thread
Fabric glue or hot glue gun

Instructions to make a felt Easter chick

Step 1: Pattern

1. Select the yellow, orange, black and white colored felt fabrics for the chick plushie.

2. Trace the body bases and comb on yellow felt.

3. Trace the wings and round belly pattern on a slightly different shade of yellow.

4. Trace the legs and beak on orange felt.

5. Trace the 2 big circles on white felt, the 2 small circles on black and the other 2 small circles on pink felt fabric.

Step 2:

1. Take any one of the body bases and glue the comb on the top end of the base.

2. Glue the wings on both sides of the base, by keeping the most of the wings facing outwards.

Step 3:

Take the other body base and glue the round belly pattern in the middle of the bottom side of the base. This will be the front body part of the chick plushie.

Step 4:

1. Attach the 2 small black circles on the 2 big white circles to craft the eyes.

2. Attach the eyes, beak and the 2 pink blush patterns on the head part of the front body base.

Step 5:

Attach the 2 leg patterns on the bottom side of the back body base (the one with the comb and wings attached).

Step 6:

1. Now place the front body base on the top of the back body base by matching all sides nicely.

2. Use a matching thread to stitch around the sides to join the 2 body bases. I did flat blanket stitch.

Step 7:

1. Stitch around the whole side but keep a small opening for the stuffing.

2. Use cotton wadding to stuff the chick plushie through the small opening.

Step 8:

Once the stuffing is complete stitch the open end to secure the stuffing. Tie a knot or two and then cut off the extra thread.

Use your chick as a gift or to decorate your home at Easter.

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