Fun STEM Learning with Geomag

STEM is the big education buzz of the moment. Finding activities that boost the four STEM skills of science, technology, engineering and mathematics plus involve having fun are the Holy Grail for parents. The new kits from Geomag are perfect for this: STEM learning combined with plenty of fun.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics account for 11 out of the 12 top paying jobs.  STEM skills are going to be vital for the scientists, designers, inventors and creators of tomorrow. In fact, it's estimated that 80% of all future jobs will require one or more of these disciplines.

Geomag build learning into all their toys and incorporate STEM into the foundations of play, helping mini superheroes to build their skills. These toys are designed for open ended exploration and discovery, perfect for getting kids off screens and investigating.

Learning through play helps build memory and develops new neural pathways in the brain quicker than any other activity. By encouraging free thinking and free building with these toys, children learn and parents can slope off to get a few things done - perfect for when we're all at home right now.

Geomag Mechanics are created to help children learn whilst having fun, and help a child to build lifelong skills. Allowing children to experiment, master and create their own conceptions helps them learn in an exciting environment using fun to play with magnetic construction toys.

The Geomag Mechanics 86 Magnetic Motion Set allows children to build incredible and exciting inventions. Inside the box is a selection of magnetic rods, steel balls and plastic pieces which children can use to make variety of structures.

The bigger they build the more dynamic it gets. With magnetising, rotating and chain reactions they can make anything they wish. All whilst learning about polarities and how magnets attract and repel.

Geomag stimulates creativity, inventiveness, and intelligence to allow a child to master mechanical and magnetic forces. Ideal for children aged 7+ the Geomag Mechanics 86 Magnetic Motion Set and other Geomag sets are available from Amazon.

You can also download the Geomagworld app on iOS and Android stores or check out the web version, with interactive instructions for all product lines and many alternative ideas to create and share your new construction projects!

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