How to Make Your Home More Cosy this Autumn

Darker evenings and colder weather mean that we will all be spending more time indoors over the coming months. So it's time to make sure our homes are as cosy and comfortable as possible before winter, and so we can really enjoy being at home all the way through autumn. Creating a cosy retreat at home is easier than you think, as our guide how to create a calm oasis at home shows. Here are a few simple ways to turn your home into a cosy, comfortable space this autumn.

Seasonal Decor

One of the easiest ways to update your home for a new season is to update the decor in different shades and tones. Of course, you're not going to go out and buy a new sofa, but add some touches of seasonal colour in warm autumnal shades of rust, mustard, aubergine, or traditional reds, oranges and yellows.

By adding a few touches of fall colour, you add a splash of the seasonal feeling into your home. Up the cosy factor by adding cushions in fabrics like velvet, wool and faux fur. Add a new vase or two and some flowers, real or fabric is fine. Put up a pretty autumn garland, add a beautiful fall wreath to the wall, or add some wall decor.

Create some still life vignettes with pumpkins and squashes, again either real or ornamental versions. By adding some autumn-themed decorative touches here and there you can create a fall theme quite inexpensively.

Add Cosy Touches

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to make your home more warm and cosy for autumn and winter is by adding lovely cushions, throws and blankets. Making gorgeous soft blankets, quilts and big pillows and cushions available just invites you to snuggle on the sofa with a pile of good books perfect for autumn.

Or why not grab a cosy quilt or big snuggly blanket and snuggle up with the family for a movie marathon - is it too soon to start all those favourite Christmas movies yet? Choose colours that compliment the decor you already have and get creative with adding in those cosy touches that make your home a refuge from the rain and cold outside.

Warm Up

If you have a fireplace, this is the perfect time to make sure it's in excellent working order before the cold weather sets in. If your chimney or fire needs to be cleaned, make sure you take care of that before lighting your first fire of the season.

It's time to get your gas fir or wood burner serviced and to make sure your central heating system is in good working order, too. Not so much fun as buying pretty new throws and colourful cushions, but essential if you want to get through the next few months warm and cosy!

Light & Scent

Make your home warm and cosy and add to the ambience with plain or fall-scented candles. If you have pets or young children, there are some very realistic battery-operated candles out there that flicker and look just like the real thing.

Dot them across bookshelves or on the mantelpiece and side tables to create a lovely atmosphere. Or try hanging this gorgeous fall leaf string light garland - so pretty!

Then layer up fall blends of essential oils in an oil burner or essential oil diffuser to make your home smell like autumn in a bowl. Pumpkin, orange, clove, cinnamon and apple are all deliciously autumnal, or cleanse the air with the clean scent of nature by using fir, pine or eucalyptus scents.

While you're relaxing under your luxurious throw in front of the fire, all tucked up cosy and inhaling the comforting scent of pumpkin spice or apple, get engrossed in a book or watch a movie. The perfect way to end your day this autumn.

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