How to Create a Calm Oasis at Home

There are many things that turn a house into a home.  The people and animals you live with, of course, but also how you use different spaces and how you put your own unique touches on your decor and furnishings.  And most important of these are the notes of comfort and calm that make you feel right at home.

Now, more than ever, we need our homes to be an oasis of comfort and calm.  You can achieve this by creating areas dedicated to self care and calm.  Whether you prefer to read, plan or turn your bathroom into a spa, you can create calm areas to relax in throughout your home.

Fill those spaces with little things you treasure and love to help relax your mind and body.  Choose items that make your heart sing when you take some time out every day.  Focusing on the little things, especially during stressful times, can make a huge difference to how you feel.

Turning your home into a sanctuary has never been easier with so many wonderful small producers creating beautiful products.  Pick a few things that really speak to who you are so that your moments of retreat and reflection can help to ground you and create calm.

Create a Reading Space

Whether you favour chick lit, historical romance or classic literature, having a cosy spot to read is the perfect indulgence.  Make it a welcoming retreat with delicate shades and soft textures.

Handmade chunky knit blanket

Hang art you love nearby to inspire you and make you smile.  Buy a beautiful print or print some of your own photos of to remind you of happy travel memories, or time with family and friends.

Tenby art print

Make sure you have plenty of natural light or a good reading lamp in your reading nook, plus lots of comfy cushions and a cosy throw.  You could well be there for a while!

Reading lamp

Become a Daydream Believer

If you've been so busy with the go go go of life that you have stopped daydreaming, now is the time to start.  Set yourself up with some soothing comforts, a beautiful new cup perhaps, and your favourite flavour of tea.

Pretty mug

Add a blanket to snuggle up in on your favourite chair, or comfy pillows in beautiful pillowcases to prop you up in bed.  Then dream away.

Linen pillowcase

If letting your mind wander isn't productive enough for you, ponder a problem instead, come up with some creative ideas for your business, start a journal, or make your 5 year plan.

Grab a beautiful notebook to work on your goals and let your thoughts flow...

Goals notebook

Spa Queen

You might not be able to go the spa or even get a simple facial or massage right now, but why not turn your bathroom into a spa with a few simple accessories and luxurious treats to cosset yourself with.

Bath salts

The bathroom is a great place to keep some house plants, so fill your space with nature to boost your wellbeing and help purify the air in your home.  Then add soft music and a gorgeous scented candle to add to the atmosphere of tranquility and calm.

Lavender candle

Creating a calm oasis at home is all about concentrating on the joy of the small.  Choose things that make your soul sing, and a few little luxuries to treat yourself.

Create your own oases at home so you can stop for a few moments and rediscover life's simple pleasures with beautiful and tactile objects you love.
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