The Best Gifts for Kids that Encourage Creativity

While many of us are staying at home more these days, our children can often be climbing the walls with boredom! There are so many hours in the day and not nearly enough to keep them occupied. Why not provide some educational, entertaining, and creative activities that encourage play and art?

Parents are busy working from home or outside the home, possibly homeschooling or home educating and trying to keep up with the constant chores and demands of everyday life, we need something that will occupy the kids fast.

With your ultra-busy schedule with work, it’s no wonder your brain is fizzled out when coming up with creative and fun activities for the kids. So I have hand-picked these fun ideas to help you and your family get buzzing with creativity.

Helping your kids unleash their creativity has incredible benefits. The power of imagination can spark a child’s motivation in many ways: to explore their curiosity, utilize everyday problem solving, and fuel their sensory-seeking needs.

Here are the top 10 gifts for kids that encourage creativity!

No crayons, pencils, or paints? No problem! These rainbow scratch-art pages provide limitless creative outlets for your kids to effortlessly etch gorgeous, artistic designs.

The only mess you’ll have to clean up with this activity is quickly resolved with a quick sweep of a vacuum. Buy in the UK

One pound of air-drying clay is all your kid needs to shape and mould their way to endless creativity. 

This non-staining block of clay is ideal for shaping jewellery, ornaments, sculptures, and other lovely creations that make perfect creative gifts or keepsakes for friends and family. Buy in the UK

With over 100 pieces of high-quality origami paper and a step by step instruction book, your child is bound to find their new favourite hobby!

This kit is made for beginners so it makes an excellent introduction to the ancient Japanese art of intricate paper folding. Buy in the UK

If you have a kid that’s itching to create day and night, then this 2-in-1 kit is for you! (This is perfect for our on-the-go all the time autie!)

Rock painting by day and building a glow-in-the-dark terrarium by night will provide hours of entertainment around the clock. For under $25 for both, this deal is a steal too! Buy in the UK

Help your child admire their creativity in a whole new light by creating their own sun catchers!

With 12 pre-printed models to choose from, your kid will have quite the collection to proudly display throughout your home. Or give them away as gifts to family and friends. Buy in the UK

If your little girl has a die-hard passion for anything unicorn-related, this artsy kit will make an excellent gift.

Your child will be thrilled to keep their fingers busy by threading gorgeous, geometric string creations with easy-to-follow instructions. The finished products make lovely decor to proudly display in her room, too. Buy similar in the UK

This DIY painting kit comes complete with three wooden cars and non-toxic paints. Kids can customize and assemble their modern race cars for fast and furious races.

Add a boost of creativity by using everyday items around the house to create unique racetracks for added fun! Buy in the UK

What could you create with 50 blocks of colourful clay? This fantastic assortment of easy-to-knead polymer clay provides limitless potential for your child to sculpt anything they can possibly imagine. 

These are great for a project that wouldn’t require additional painting and can be oven-baked for a gorgeous finish. Buy in the UK

Has your child dreamed of turning their wild imaginations into a storybook? This book features over 230 pages of unique prompts for kids and adults to get their gears turning and start creating.

The wildly popular artist and YouTube star, Moriah Elizabeth, designed this book to encourage her millions of fans to discover their inner talents as artists. Buy in the UK

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to fold the perfect paper aeroplane, this kit will help those sky-high dreams come true.

Simple, to-the-point, yet effective visual instructions will help your child construct multiple planes that vary in size, speed, and function while in the air. This kit takes paper-plane modelling to the next level and will surely impress their friends! Buy similar in the UK

All of the gifts above are perfect for adults to join in the kids' fun too, fostering a growing bond between you and your kids.

And, if you’re a teacher, be sure to recommend this list to parents who are helping their kids at home with e-learning. The parents of your students are likely scrambling for ideas to keep their kids busy, so encourage them to find their creative spark.

I hope this list helps you find your next adventure in creativity!

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