Fun and Easy 3D Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Kids to Make {with FREE printable template}

Whether you have your tree up yet or not, kids will be chomping at the bit to make some fun Christmas crafts and this cute little paper craft tree is just the thing to keep them busy and happy.

The best part about this 3D Christmas tree is that it's a fun way to create a small Christmas tree that your child will love.

Instead of having to lug up the giant tree from the basement when you're not quite ready to do so, sit down at the crafting table and create this adorable tree instead!

The closer the big day comes, the more you need to occupy excited kids, especially at the weekend and when school breaks up for the holidays, so this cute craft comes into its own then too.

Why not get them making some 3D Christmas trees for friends, family and neighbours too!

You can leave this cute tree blank or cut out some tiny baubles and other decorations to glue on. For younger kids, use sticky gems and jewels to decorate the tree like this:

How to Make a 3D Christmas Tree Craft

The best part about this simple Christmas craft is that it's a breeze to do as well.

With just 6 simple supplies needed, the kids can easily sit down and create this on their own. And if they have any questions, the directions are simple and easy to follow!

Since I provide the template needed, there's no way that it won't turn out perfectly time and time again.

Use these mini paper Christmas trees all around the room. You could even make their trees fun and funky by using different colours of paper as well. How about a pink tree or a teal one?

While this craft can have glitter involved, it's actually glitter paper so this keeps that glitter mess intact and stops it from spreading all over the place.

This tree craft just keeps getting better and better, right?!

If you're looking for a fun holiday craft that is certain to get the kids excited about Christmas, this 3D Paper Tree craft is just about perfect.

They can even make cute little presents to put under the tree as well. Once they see how adorable this tree is, they're going to love creating it and just might want to make more, too! 

3D Paper Christmas Tree Craft


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Colourful card stock, particularly green, brown and yellow or gold


1. Use the PDF template to cut out the four pieces of the Christmas tree.

2. Fold all four pieces vertically in half. 

3. Apply glue to one half of a tree piece.

4. Then join another tree piece onto it. Allow the glue to dry.

5. Repeat to glue the other two pieces together. 

6. Now glue all four pieces together.

7. Cut out the pieces for the pot at the bottom of the tree. You will need a circle large enough for your tree to stand in. And a strip as long as the diameter of the tree. Both pieces are on the template printable.

8. Glue the long strip around the circular piece of card. Allow the glue to dry.

9. Glue the tree onto the base of the pot.

10. Cut out a star shape using yellow craft paper or card.

11. Glue the star at the top of the tree.

12. Cut out pieces from glitter paper to decorate the tree, or you could use adhesive gems and jewels to make it easier for younger children.

13. Decorate the tree, then display these beautiful Christmas trees on shelves and window sills all around the house.

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