The Best Gifts for Kids who Love to Bake

Having a child who loves to bake is an incredible adventure. It usually means you have a kid who is inquisitive and loves trying new foods. As any parent or caregiver knows, that's a definite plus! Here are the best gifts for kids of all ages, from tot to teen, who love to bake.

Spending time in the kitchen with kids who love to bake could mean that you're having fun experimenting with and learning about the science of baking, or you could be creating incredible artwork.

You might even be having in-depth discussions about the nature of the world while you roll out the dough. You never know.

Those days will be precious memories for both you and them. To make the most of them, it's good to make sure you have great supplies. So, I've put together a fun list of gifts for kids who love to bake.

The Best Gifts for Kids who Love to Bake

If your budding baker buddy isn’t quite ready to be set loose in the kitchen yet, this play food set can help set the stage for a love of baking.

Set up an imaginary food truck or craft cookie booth with this play food set. Buy similar in the UK

It's easy to foster a love for baking when your kiddo is younger.

Modelling good habits and encouraging imaginative play is a great way to build those passions from a young age.

If your little baker is still hanging out in the preschool room, then a kitchen playset is a great starter piece.

This kitchen set includes a rotating dessert tray and comes with a variety of moving parts and components. Don’t forget the batteries! Buy similar in the UK

As your baker starts to get older, they’re going to need supplies.

While it’s nice to share in the ones in the kitchen, they will be thrilled with their own set.

Plus, having a nice set of their own will teach them to take care of their things.

This set is made for smaller hands (it’s suggested for kids 9-12), and it’s made in gender-neutral colours, so it’s a good gift for either boys or girls! Buy in the UK

These fun cupcake baking cups come with nine different fun shapes (36 pieces total), making them the perfect gift for anyone who loves baking cupcakes. Buy in the UK

When it comes to decorating with icing or frosting, Wilton is the premier brand!

This kit is the perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to start doing fancy cake decorating.

You get ten decorating tips, disposable decorating bags, plus a variety of other accessories and an instructional book! Buy in the UK

For your baker who loves to decorate cakes, this turntable makes it much easier! Buy in the UK

Having your own set of mixing bowls means you're never going to find your favorite mixing bowl outside being used for the dog's water!

This set is colourful, and because it's a nesting set, it won't take up much storage room.

Ideal for your teen baker when they go off on their own, even if they will be in a cramped dorm or small apartment with roommates. Buy similar in the UK

In all honesty, if I had to name the top five kitchen tools that had saved me a ton of time, the silicone pastry mat would be on that list.

From tortillas to pies, it's a tool I often use in my kitchen, and your baker will too!

Plus, it saves your countertops from being covered in flour whenever it's time to roll out dough. Buy in the UK

Just like we chose Wilton for our cake decorating supplies, if you’re going to use non-stick bakeware, you should go with Calphalon.

It's been the standard for a long time, and it's not too expensive. It will last your baker for years and can be added onto easily.

It's definitely worth the expense, especially if your baker will be moving out in a couple of years. Buy in the UK

If you’re going to be baking, you need a great set of cooling racks. Trust me, get the three-tiers.

It may seem like a lot if your baker is still in their pre-teens, but this set will last a long time, and if they continue to love baking, they will bake more and more - and more! Buy in the UK

This cookbook is designed for junior bakers. It’s part of the Cooking Class series of spiral-bound cookbooks by Deanna F. Cook and is suitable for kids under age 12/13.

This fun cookbook includes recipes for both sweet and savory treats, as well as other simple recipes.

It has step-by-step photo guides and bonus materials, including goodie bag stickers and cookie-cutter templates. Buy in the UK

For older bakers, Bake It! also has a good variety of sweet and savory recipes.

This cookbook starts with basic recipes and works its way up to more complex variations.

Kids can go through the book to learn more challenging techniques as they are ready. Buy in the UK

For the more experienced teen baker, this one is a must-have, especially if they love sweet treats!

It's an excellent addition to any cookbook collection, and it makes a perfect gift for a baker who is getting ready to move out on their own.

If your teen baker loves to experiment or give the foods they've created to friends, then this is the cookbook for them! Buy in the UK

Buying gifts for young bakers doesn't have to be stressful or complicated. Just buy toys, tools or recipe books that will keep them engaged with their love for the kitchen.

Help them to foster their passion for baking, and you'll be rewarded with delicious treats all year long!

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