5 Ways to Decorate Your Home Entryway

The entryway says a lot about your home. It is the first place that catches guests' eye, so it should be appealing and help elevate the mood of whoever visits your doorway.

Decorate your entryway carefully. Go for something that is simple but elegant and timeless. From the simple things like types of doors to the landscaping around, it should be at its best.

Here are five ideas that can make your entryway more appealing and inviting.

Types of doors

The door being the main entry has to be outstanding and inviting. Change the way your entryway looks by installing a high-quality door.

A black door with a half glass panel at the top will give an appealing look. The black colour blends in with almost all decor.

Having a glass panel will break the monotony and also the glass will allow natural light that will brighten the inside.

The types of doors that you choose are essential and a good design will enhance the overall look of the home.

Design an entry pathway

From the main gate, put down a path that directs people to the main door. The path should be well maintained and plants or flowers planted on the sides to make it more inviting.

Make sure you water them so that they remain healthy and attractive. Blend the colour of the plants as green alone will make the place look dull.

The path should be easy to maintain. Washing it regularly ensures that is maintained in its condition.

To elevate the overall look, get a welcome mat and a large outdoor rug on the porch. This will break up the look at the end of the pathway.

Stylish decorations

The entryway is the one place that you can showcase your chosen decorative style.

Go for something that will attract the attention of your visitors. Choose a simple but polished look.

This should attract buyers or should make people feel welcome when they get to your entryway.

A full-length window will make the space appealing. The grid should blend with the outside architecture. This makes the window match with the rest.

The windows on the side make the entryway look spacious.

Another thing that can grab attention is lighting. Put up different lights for different uses.

The light fittings should be of high quality and stylish so that it makes one want to spend some time outside during the night.

On the verandah, install attractive tiles that blend in with your rug. Also, floating shelves with well-designed crafts will look good.

Make it inviting by mixing different elements of decorations. DIY will be of great help and it will bring your personality out very well. This will save you money and give your space a very unique look.


Paintings and artwork attracts people's attention. Being an entryway, you can paint the wall white and the door black so that they contrast each other while bringing out the most appealing finish.

Make sure it is different from the whole house. It will attract attention for being different and it should be done in a way that the final look is phenomenal.

The bold colours can come in with accessories such as pots with your living plants.


This is very important. Your outside architecture should have some connection to the inside.

Repeat some pattern on the elements of your small decorations, like pots, even the curve of your outside furniture so that the outside looks like it was thought out before being decorated.

Outside furniture with a small coffee table with some decorations will make the entryway appealing. Make the furniture cosy by adding some cushions to make it more relaxing.

The above ideas can make your entryway look its best. Have professionals come to do what really needs to be done professionally, but anything DIY will save you some cash.

Put everything in a thoughtful way so that the finished look is exceptional. Plan your entryway so that everything blends in.

This should be the one place that attracts attention and is a relaxing place to spend your time.

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