20 of the Best Dr Seuss Books that Every Kid Should Have on their Bookshelf

Read Across America and celebrate Dr. Seuss on March 2nd or any time of year with this collection of the classic books that everyone must read.

Here are our top 20 Dr Seuss books that every kid should have on their bookshelf.

What is Read Across America Day?

Read Across America Day falls on March 2nd every year as we celebrate the love of reading. It’s also Dr. Seuss’ birthday so we honour him on this day by reading his books!

You might even want to tackle some Dr Seuss inspired recipes or perhaps some Dr Seuss book inspired crafts?

Many schools will also hold a Book Day with a character parade, where children dress up as their favourite book characters! 

Will they choose a Dr Seuss character this year?

20 of the Best Dr Seuss Books that Every Kid Should Have on their Bookshelf

Now let’s start with some of the more popular Dr. Seuss Books you’ll want for your collection:

The tale of a persistent Sam-I-am trying to convince others that green eggs and ham taste amazing, even if you don’t like them!

(Pair it with green coloured eggs and slices of ham while you read it with the kids!) Buy in the UK

Meet the Cat in the Hat as he tries to liven up a dreary rainy day with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

But things take a turn that no-one was ready for! Buy in the UK

The perfect book for beginner readers, this book features colours, numbers, and rhyming! Buy in the UK

Follow along as a baby bird goes on a journey to find his mother and asks every creature he comes across along the way “Are you my mother?” Buy in the UK

Learn how saving nature is needed as The Lorax teaches the true value of the Truffula Trees! Buy in the UK

Horton swears he hears a small cry for help on a speck of dust and vows to protect the little people on the speck, no matter what!

Friends don’t believe him and his enemies try to trick him, but he stands strong in protecting the little speck. Buy in the UK

Learn how The Grinch wants to make the Who's miserable by ruining Christmas, but finds himself caring more than he would like to admit. Buy in the UK

Meet Spot and learn why he wants to be in the zoo and what he can do with all his spots!

Great book for teaching that everyone has their place even if they think they don’t. Buy in the UK

A great book that shows that life has ups and downs but it all works out!

Perfect for showing perseverance through change. Buy in the UK

Easy to read and fun to rhyme along with, this book is a great gift idea on Father’s Day too! Buy in the UK

And here are some of the more uncommon, less heard of, but definitely need to read Dr. Seuss books. 

Perfect for early readers, but kids of all ages, even the grown-ups, will enjoy some of these less well known books that contain great life lessons!

Yertle the Turtle learns that you can't use others to build a better kingdom only for yourself.

A great teaching lesson about appreciating what you have. Buy in the UK

A young boy explores his home to find all kinds of characters living with him, including a fun Wocket that prefers to call his pocket home. Buy in the UK

When a king gets bored with the everyday happenings, he urges his magicians to create something new to fall from the sky.

No-one was prepared for the oobleck that occurred! Buy in the UK

A story of a classic moment in childhood when you get to choose your first pet but have no idea which one to choose.

This book teaches kids that sometimes you just have to make a final decision. Buy in the UK

Mr. Brown can make all sorts of animal sounds, but what about the sounds a fish can make?

What sounds can you make? Buy in the UK

Have a fun time guessing the shapes that make up this whimsical Dr. Seuss book.

What shape would you want to be in the Dr. Seuss world? Buy in the UK

Morris has a grand idea of running his own circus in town.

But not with your everyday circus creatures, of course! Buy in the UK

Learn about all teeth and what they do for our bodies and how other animals/creatures use their teeth too! Buy in the UK

What is a Sneetch and what do they do?

Learn how we’re all different in our own way, but we’re all alike in many others. Buy in the UK

The ttale of a small bug with a big yawn that spreads and spreads until all the creatures are asleep! Buy in the UK

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