20 of the Best Books About Spring for Younger Kids

Spring has most definitely sprung here in the northern hemisphere.

The spring flowers are in full bloom, the bees are buzzing and we have seen some early butterflies.

Help your kids to enjoy the season with some of the best books about Spring.

Children can learn about everything that Spring brings back to the world including new animals, flowers, insects and more!

Many of these books about Spring are educational and teach valuable lessons about appreciating nature and enjoying the environment around you.

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20 of the Best Books About Spring for Younger Kids

Join the classic Dr. Seuss characters, Thing 1 and Thing 2, as they go on a spring adventure.

They explore and discover all sorts of Spring things like ducklings, flowers, and more. Buy in the UK

This is a very educational book for children ages 3-5 that teaches why it rains, how and why a rainbow forms, and how every season affects the weather. Buy in the UK

This short story is based on the Netflix series episode and follows as Llama plans too much to do in just one day.

But luckily he learns how to adapt and learn along the way. Buy in the UK

Let kids learn everything that occurs in Spring like Mother’s Day, rolling down hills, Spring showers, and so much more during this fun season. Buy in the UK

Follow the adventures of Ruth as she tries to expose grumpy Bruce to everything to enjoy in Springtime.

Even though he hates the smell of flowers, there must be soemthing he will enjoy! Buy in the UK

Adventure outside as a young man and his dog discover the changes nature goes through when Winter is over and Spring is here. Buy in the UK

(We love the others in the series too! Goodbye Summer and Goodbye Autumn)

This popular book by the author Eric Carle (who brought us The Hungry Caterpillar) helps children learn about the life cycle of a flower from seed to fully grown flower.

As an extra bonus, some editions of the book come with a plantable page of seeded paper! Buy in the UK

This is not just any old book about Spring!

It contains hands-on activities, experiments, projects, and so much more to help kids really understand everything that happens when Spring arrives! Buy in the UK

This spectacular book from National Geographic for Kids features amazing photographs of Spring animals.

It also encourages children to learn mroe about every new little being in this picture book. Buy in the UK

In thi beautifully simple book, kids learn how to plant all kinds of flowers.

They will also learn the entire growth cycle of a flower/plant from seed/bulb to sprout, and so much more. Buy in the UK

Children can learn all about why flowers exist, how they grow, and the specific parts of flowers and plants in this endearing and well drawn book. Buy in the UK

Follow Fletcher the Fox as he adventures around discovering Spring but thinks that Winter is coming back when he sees what he thinks are snowflakes on the ground.

This is a great picture book to share with younger kids and pairs well with your spring lesson plans. Buy in the UK

A book of poems describing all things Spring including rain, ducklings, and the kick of the book is it’s read vertically the first letter of each line is in alphabetical order. Buy in the UK

Spring brings out all the little critters, including bugs!

In this book, children can learn all about how Spring affects bugs and which ones they can expect at the start of the season. Buy in the UK

See the magic that is Spring when it comes and changes the snow, the birds, and the bugs.

Plus learn how Spring affects the animals, brings new babies, and more. Buy in the UK

After a boy and his dog are tired of Winter, they go outside to plant a seed.

Slowly it changes and shows the boy that Spring is near.

Eagerly awaiting Spring the boy and his dog see how the life cycle of a flower is affected by the weather. Buy in the UK

Children learn how Winter and Spring affect animals and when Spring comes what animals do to come out of hibernation.

A short story full of simple and easy to read lines. Buy in the UK

Follow a mama and her fawn as they venture through the forest at the first signs of Spring and see all the changes.

This is a lift-a-flap book so great for smaller hands and makes for a great interactive reading experience. Buy in the UK

A young girl and her grandmother spend all year planning and growing a garden.

Follow along as they learn about what’s actually going on above and below the ground through the entire year that leads up to Spring. Buy in the UK

While all the other bears are getting ready to hibernate for the Winter, one lone little bear cub is beyond excited for his first Spring.

He’s so excited he mistakes snowflakes for a sign of Spring and is upset when they melt. Buy in the UK

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