Cooking Together: How to Cook Pet Treats With Your Children

Cooking together is one of the best activities you can think of when it comes to spending leisure time with your kids and loved ones.

Even when throwing a party, parents may be out of ideas and can’t make up their minds on how to entertain their kids.

Cooking is a great activity that every member of the family will enjoy.

It's fun to do, engenders a lovely atmosphere at home, and also helps you to bond and strangthen your family relationships.

It also helps teach kids vital skills, and can even help them learn some maths and science facts.

Making pet treats is even better as the kids will love creating something special for their furry brothers and sisters.

Moreover, your pets will be very happy too!

Here are some suggestions on how to cook pet treats with your children which you can incorporate into your daily routine or for special occasions like your pet's birthday.

Choose the Best Recipe

There is a wide variety of foods you can include in your pet treats recipes to make the treat healthy and appropriate for your pet's diet.

Homemade pet treats are easy to make and not necessarily costly.

In fact, they can easily be made on a budget.

Whatever ingredients you choose (pumpkin, eggs, flour, parsley, peanut butter, apple sauce) make sure your pet isn’t allergic to it first.

Product number one that has a solid reputation in the cat food manufacturing market is sheba cat food. 

You can learn more about it on sheba cat food review.

Like these manufacturers know, remember that good quality ingredients will add an amazing taste to your homemade meal.

After choosing suitable products for your pet, make a dough (yes, similar to the one we make for cookies) and get prepared for a challenge!

Cookie Cutters Can be Fun! DIY!

After preparing your dough, roll it out on a clean flat surface.

Here comes the fun part with cookie cutters!

Kids love to use different funny shapes when making cookies.

The same can be done with the dough for your pet treats.

The cutters selection is so wide. There are even special dog treat moulds, in shapes like animal paws, bones, fish, and lots of different animal stamps. 

You can also try to make handmade dog bone cookie cutters by yourself.

Kids will find this activity so fascinating.

All you need is some empty drinks cans from your recycling box, scissors, and glue.

The aluminium material of a soda can is so bendy, you will find no trouble making awesome figures with it when cutting the stripes from the can and bending them into bone or fish shapes.

Just use your imagination but be careful with those sharp edges. Safety gloves may be advisable!

Stick the ends with the glue and there it is!

The most unique handmade cookie cutter ever, your children will be delighted!

But be careful, don’t cut yourself, and make sure your kids are doing this activity under supervision.

Upcycle Your Pet Food Cans

Perhaps you already use some canned food for your pet.

Where else will you find better nutrition options for a puppy rather than in the best wet food for puppies?

There is no need to throw the bags and cans away after giving your pet a meal. Collect the cans!

They can be used for both practical and decorative purposes.

For example, with the cooking, those cans will suit as trays for pet’s cookies.

You can ask your kids to decorate them in a special way by making some drawings of your pet and gluing them on a can.

Or let them write a list of "thanks" for things they are grateful for concerning their pets.

This is a great way to instill the feeling of love and care in children.

Getting Ready for Dinner! Enjoy your meal!

You don’t have to be a real cook to show the kids how to bake a cake in an oven.

It's just following instructions! See our guide for beginner bakers for some starter tips.

All we need is a little imagination and inspiration to engage children in the process.

Make it as a game!

Play music in the background or sing songs on food or animal topics, it will add some excitement and thrill while waiting for the final result.

When the treats are ready, don’t hurry to give them to your pets straight away.

Try to involve the pets in the game. You may even try to teach them a new trick that will allow them to get their meal in the end!

You can celebrate new achievements together by cooking some desserts or treats for yourself.

And that’s when the party gets started! Enjoy your meal!

Worried about cooking with your kids?

Everything can be fun for kids if you put the effort in.

When kids are surrounded by love and care, offered supportive guidance, easy to follow instructions and the space to be creative and use their imagination.

Cooking pet foods requires both involvement and care.

We are showing kids how to love and cherish our little friends, and therefore we teach them to take care not only of ourselves but of each other.

Let this fun cooking create some wonderful memories to ccherish. Enjoy!

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