20 Adorable Mother's Day Crafts For Kids to Make

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it's time to figure out the gifts that will bring the biggest smile to mum's face.

After all, all year long she finds ways to make you smile, so on Mother's Day you get to return the favour.

Let your mum know just how much she means to you with these adorable kid made craft ideas she will love.

These Mother's Day Crafts are all homemade creations that kids can make for the special lady in their lives.

Using their own handprints, footprints, art supplies and creative imaginations, kids can make all kinds of lovely things for mummy on Mother's Day.

Pamper her with a nice sugar scrub, make her a heart pendant necklace using just some polymer clay and your thumbs, or make her some flowers just because she loves them.

There are all kinds of ways to get crafty for mum on Mother's Day and I hope these links will offer up some great suggestions - and inspire some unique creations of your own!

Happy Mother's Day!

More Mother's Day inspiration:

20 Adorable Mother's Day Crafts For Kids to Make

These pretty flowers are easy to make from felt and make excellent bookmarks for mums who love to read.

Personalise your flower with her favorite colours and every time she opens her book, she'll smile and think of you!

These sweet heart-shaped pendants are made with thumbprints and make such a lovely keepsake for mum. 

Every time she sees her necklace, she'll think of the those little thumbs and the smiles of her children who made them.

Shrink plastic is a fun way for kids to create all kinds of wonderful things. like these pretty flower earrings.

Add brightly coloured vinyl to bring your flowers to life, and watch you mum smile!

This pretty Mother's Day artwork features the handprints of her precious children.

Add a nice frame and your creative artwork will be creating lovely memories for years to come.

Made with tin cans, these bright and colourful windsocks dance and flutter in the breeze.

For mums who love to spend time in the garden, these windsocks are a true treasure, making them a great Mother's Day gift!

Another wonderful Mother's Day gift for mums who garden, these painted rocks look just like little ladybugs.

The directions to paint them are easy to follow for kids of all ages, and these friendly little bugs are just waiting to hang out among your favourite plants!

This lovely piece of artwork is simple to make, yet completely charming.

Perfect for Mother's Day and any other special time in mum's life, these little egg carton flowers make for a pretty bouquet of flowers that will never die!

You may also like this easy cupcake case flower picture.

This wonderful Mother's Day gift is a great chance for kids to not only create some nice artwork, but the frame, too.

The frame is made from popsicle sticks and puzzle pieces.

When painted, the cute frames set off the artwork inside.

What a lovely keepsake!

This precious Mother's Day gift gives kids a great chance to express their creativity with lots of colourful bling.

When completed, it offers mama a nice "do not disturb" sign she can hang on the bedroom door when she needs a lie in!

And really, is there any better gift for busy mums than the gift of sleep?

(Just change the spelling if you are outside the US!)

Kids will definitely need some help making this craft for Mother's Day, but the results are well-worth it. 

It's made with those sweet little handprints and footprints, for the most unique flowers and vase that you've ever seen!

This Pina Colada Sugar Scrub smells heavenly and makes a great gift for mum.

Kids may need some help gathering the supplies to put this together.

But even the smallest toddler will have fun mixing the ingredients together!

More DIY beauty gifts:

This adorable keepsake art features the handprint of mum's precious child for the butterfly wings.

Tiny handprints stay in our hearts long after those little ones grow up.

Artwork like this butterfly will give mama great memories she will treasure through the years.

Another variation of the moisturising and exfoliating sugar scrub, this one is scented with lavender. 

Refreshing and relaxing, mum is sure to appreciate a gift which allows her to take some time out for self care.

An adorable gift for mums who are superheroes, this kid craft features a cute smiling face and superhero cape attached to a bar of chocolate.

After all, doesn't every hero mum deserve a little chocolate in her life?

This pretty chalkboard gift is decorated with brightly coloured buttons, which kids can glue on any way they want.

Make a rainbow of buttons, or use mum's favorite colours.

This pretty chalkboard is easy to personalise any way you want!

Sloths have got to be some of the most adorable creatures in the world!

Slow moving and gentle, these animals always look like they are smiling.

And this printable shows them off in all their smiling glory.

Kids can colour, glue on leaves, and create a sloth craft that they and their mum will love!

This rocket ship is a nice way to let your mum know that you love her today and will love her even more tomorrow.

Your love for her is out of this world, after all.

And your mum will be over the moon with this craft!

Tiny terracotta pots are made even sweeter with green pipe cleaner stems topped by beautiful flowers.

This creative craft is great for mums who love plants, but don't always have the time to grow much. 

These little flowers stay vibrant and healthy, even when you forget to water them!

Button art is so much fun.

Brightly coloured plastic buttons glued to any surface makes for a festive creation that mum will love. 

This is especially true when those buttons are added to the three letters that make up the most important word in the world: MUM.

Every mum can use some more potholders / oven mitts.

And when they are printed with flowers made from the hands of their children, they will love those potholders for life.

Keep you mum safe from burns when she cooks all those yummy meals for you!

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