15 of the Best No Tech Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

Being at home a lot during the autumn and winter months can really take its toll on kids and lead to way too much screen time.

If you are hoping to find some great toys to entice them away from screens or just some tech-free Christmas gifts this year, read on for our pick of the best.

Keeping kids away from screens and tech is super hard these days but what if you could entice them with actual fun?

If you’re looking to go more tech free with the kids there is such a range of things you can choose from to have fun with.

When shopping for non-tech gifts make sure you know a little about who you’re shopping for:

       What interests them? Science, math, what subject do they enjoy?

       Inside or outside, which do they prefer?

If you’re trying to encourage less screen time for kids then this list has a ton of fun ways for them and even the whole family to put down their devices and be active!

These kits and activities will give kids plenty of things to do when there’s no power, internet, or they just get bored with electronics (does that even happen?)


Here are some great starter points for non-tech gift ideas for kids:

GoSports Slammo Game Set

Even college kids are playing this game outdoors!

Zero batteries needed and it's great for one or more players.

Plus, this one even comes with a carrying case too!

This dart board set comes with a double-sided board, one side resembles a ski-ball lane as well.

This is a magnetic set so safe for younger kids and easy to play.

Yes, stilts! Every kid has always wanted to try these, even if it’s just for a little bit.

This set comes with stilts that also have handles to help with balance.

This set is sure to spark an interest in rocks, geodes, and being outside!

Beware it may start a collection of rocks randomly in your house as well.

These cool string art sets allow kids to create something that they can then hang up in the house! 

Helps older kids develop their fine-motor skills - and patience! - too. Best for ages 10+

This is a perfect game for multiple kids and families. Comes with everything you need (minus the target). Recommended for ages 8+

While maybe not as popular with parents these slime kits are still super popular among kids.

The kids come with everything they need to create slime and some even come with pre-made slime they just add their favourites to.

An art form in itself, making origami is time consuming for more intricate designs but this kit is for beginners and perfect for ages 7+.

Makes fun crafts kids can use as gifts or little tokens for family and friends.

Kids can use these stencils for hours and hours of creating.

Plus if they like to design they might even turn that into a hobby too!

All you need to add is some paper, coloured pencils and even a pencil sharpener!

This is an outdoor game that is super popular.

You can play the basic version of the game or come up with your own style to keep it interesting.

If they love science and experiments, then this science experiment kit is perfect.

IThis fun science experiment kit comes with more than 60 different things to do.

(It may require some household items to complete tasks.)

You can never go wrong with teaching the kids classic board games like chess, draughts / checkers, and backgammon just to name a few.

Plus this set comes with a storage case and is more durable than most multi-game sets.

These have been one of the top toys for years and are still super popular with kids.

There’s no sticking the blocks together; they just magnetize to each other and are super easy to take apart even for small hands.

There are also some extra educational window pieces included in this set.

Splash some science in on their fun with this grow your own crystal set.

This kit comes with enough supplies to conduct seven different crystal experiments.

Best for ages 10+


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