18 of the BEST Vegetarian Lunch Ideas Perfect for Lunch Boxes

Not sure what to pack for lunch this week?

Choose from a variety of the best vegetarian lunch box ideas with this round up of yummy lunches.

Discover sandwiches and wraps, easy to eat finger foods and yummy sweet treats that are perfect for kids’ school lunches and adult lunches.

These vegetarian lunches work well for all types of eaters and even deliver a nice change from traditional meaty meals for the carnivores.

Eating more vegetarian meals offers variety, a way to save a little money and boosts the nutrition in your meals.

Many of these vegetarian recipes can be prepped in advance to make getting lunches ready in the morning much easier for busy mums and dads.

All these easy to make lunch ideas travel well and most don’t require any reheating.

If working from home, they are quick and easy to prepare for both adults and kids, so making lunch doesn’t take up your entire lunch time.

17 of the BEST Vegetarian Lunch Ideas Perfect for Lunch Boxes

Roasted sweet potato and smoked tofu are tossed in quick homemade dressing creating a smoky sweet combination that’s a hearty and satisfying lunch on the go. 


A sweet muffin with all the flavours of a cupcake but on the healthier side of things, perfect!

And you can even make and freeze them in advance to just pull out as you need them.

These chocolate muffins are made with less sugar, just a touch of butter and no oil.  

Kids will be shocked and excited when they open their lunch box to discover a zoo themed meal.

It’s easier than you think to make and works great for younger kids.

Such a fun way to brighten their day!

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An easy to prepare lunch on the go featuring chickpeas, kidney beans and green beans.

It takes almost no time to prepare and carries well in a container to and from school or work.

These healthy cheese and veggie pinwheels are a welcome change to the usual plain old sandwich found in many school lunches.

They are easy for kids to eat with their fingers, but adults will certainly love these added to their lunch box as well. 

This homemade pasta is perfect to pack up in an insulated container for those days when you want to send the kids (or big kids) to school or work with something warm, filling and delicious.  

A healthy chickpea salad filled with a bit of everything but the bagel seasoning, a blend of poppy seeds, garlic, onion, sesame seeds and salt.

A delicious vegetarian swap for chicken or tuna salad for school and work lunches.

A colourful lunch box with foods covering all the colours of the rainbow which means your kids are getting tons of nutrients.

The box includes tortillas stuffed with fresh cut veggies, mandarin orange slices and cherry tomatoes.

A healthy and delicious salad that’s packed with lots of vegetarian protein thanks to the quinoa and black beans.

It’s easy to prepare and works perfectly for work and school lunches on the go or at home.

Crisp broccoli and apples with cheese in a creamy no mayo salad is the perfect side for a lunch box meal.

It’s a delectable combination of sweet and savoury.

Pasta salad is an excellent way to enjoy pasta for a lunch away from home that doesn’t require any heating up.

Creamy Mexican corn flavours an easy to make pasta salad for a mildly spiced lunchtime meal.

Or try a vegetable filled pasta salad for anyone who doesn't like spice.

Homemade peanut butter sandwich cookies with peanut butter and jelly in the middle.

This special lunch box cookie is one the kids are certain to love.

An easy scone-like bread filled with savoury vegetables you can make quickly for easy lunch meals at work or school.

Pack up a slice of this quick bread for a delicious side for soups or main meal that’s not a sandwich.

Carrot fritters work either hot or cold, making them perfect to pack for a vegetarian lunch.

Serve with a creamy yogurt hummus dip for an easy to eat lunch box idea.

Spinach and cheese in a crispy breading make a fun, tasty finger food to pack in your kid’s lunch box. 

They will love dipping these delicious, healthy cheese sticks in a yogurt, marinara, hummus or other tasty dip.

Lentils and herbs make a flavourful patty that is easy to eat for school and lunches away from home.  

The lentils provide plenty of protein making these a hearty main meal for lunch.

Easy to make ahead of time and freeze until you need them.

These simple tacos make an easy lunch on the go or when you’re busy working or having fun together at home.

They taste great warm or cold making them perfect to carry along in a lunch box for later in the day.

Bring along a salty halloumi cheese with roasted vegetables for a savoury and tasty lunch that will fill you up and keep you going all afternoon.

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