Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures Toy Review

Is your child mad about the new kids' cartoon series Bluey?

And now, Bluey has her very own range of toys to play with!

Our younger two love the hsow and couldn't wait to get their hands on the toys - especially the Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures!

The most watched kids programme on ABC Australia and has prived a huge hit in the UK and the US too.

Bluey is all about a family of blue heelers (Australian Cattle Dogs) who live in Brisbane, Australia, just an average everyday family.

6 year old Bluey lives with her mum, Chilli; dad, Bandit, and little sister Bingo who is 4, a warm, loving family.

Just like every other little kid Bluey loves to play and the show seeks to remind parents of how important play is and what it really feels like.

Aimed at five-to seven-year-olds but loved by kids - and adults - of all ages, Bluey’s depiction of day-to-day family life and fun humour has made it a big hit worldwide.

With authentic storytelling, Bluey tells stories of day-to-day life with all their fun, drama and little moments of emotion and connection.

Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures

Toys that can mimic real life are always a big hit with kids, and even more so if they feature one of their favourite TV characters!

The Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures toy is going to be so popular this year, and it's sure to be number one on a lot of Christmas lists this year.

The toys are created to help kids enjoy some of the same fun they see on the Australian animated series.

This cute caravan and car set comes with twelve pieces as well as the three figures included which are Bandit (dad), Bluey and her friend, Jean Luc. 

Each of these figures has been designed with careful attention to detail.

All three of them have movable arms and legs so kids can pose the figures to have them standing or sitting.

They can also raise the arms or legs or do them individually during play. 

Part of the Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures set is their 4WD vehicle, the Heeler.

Kids can pretend to back it up and let it hook up to the caravan to get ready to hit the road.

The whole set encourages children to imagine that they’re going on vacation or that they’re taking off on a journey wherever the road leads them. 

All of the figures can easily fit into the Heeler at the same time.

Unlike some toys, even the youngest kids will be able to place the figures in the vehicle because the roof lifts up for easy access.

Like the Heeler, there’s space in the caravan for all the figures to be able to fit at once.

The caravan transforms too, so it opens up and the expansion reveals a lot of fun features.

The door leading into the caravan opens too.

The top of the roof opens up and kids will be able to see and play with the bunkbeds located on the hidden second storey. 

At the rear of the caravan is a kitchen.

This is where kids can use their imagination to pretend to make breakfast or cook a meal.

The cabinet doors do both open, with stickers inside showing that the cabinets hold glasses, cups and more. 

In the kitchen, the stove door opens, and kids can use that to pretend that they’re cooking or baking something delicious for the little family.

They can even reallyy sit tthe characters at the table as because the figures are posable, they can sit at the table and have their meals or snacks. 

Kids can also pretend that the family is sitting down to play a game.

Or, if they prefer to pretend their characters are outside, they can toast marshmallows over the campfire. 

Both of these objects are amongst the accessories included in the playset. 

The Heeler easily unhooks from the caravan so they can take off on other journeys and leave the caravan parked.

The two surfboards that come with the set do attach to the roof of the car for a fun day in the water.

Each one of the figures has the ability to snap onto one of the surfboards, so they can all take turns on their fun day out!

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