TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figure and Activity Play Mat Review

Do your kids LOVE dinosaurs?

If you have dino-loving kids the TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figures and Activity Play Mat is the perfect gift!

Complete with 9 dinosaurs and a super fun play mat this set is the perfect gift for an established dinosaur lover or a little one who has just discovered the joy of the prehistoric critters.

There’s a good reason that Jurassic Park was such a huge hit!

Dinosaurs are simply fascinating - even to the grown-ups!

And with research showing that a love of dinosaurs and learning all those names and eras boosts intelligence, it's tiem to encourage that interest.

Many children love dinosaurs and there are tons of great toy choices for the kids who love them and the world they lived in. 

But the TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figure w/ Activity Play Mat is one of the best dinosaur gift ideas.

With this set, they can have hours of fun imagining themselves in the world of dinosaurs. 

They can travel across the theme park among the lush greenery with whichever is their current favourite dinosaur. 

What makes this dinosaur world play mat different is that this one comes with a ton of vivid colour and attention to detail.

In this jurassic world are signs for the dinosaur park, a ticket booth, a carousel and even tenst to stay in.

Maybe add some suitable LEGO or Playmobil figures to visit the dinsoaurs?

There is also plenty of greenery along with amusement rides and a water fountain. 

The mat is a great size for all the dinosaurs and big enough for them to be able to sit around it and play with friends or siblings too.

I would say this mat can easily accommodate up to four children. 

It’s a thick mat, too so it’s comfortable to sit on for hours of imaginative play and robust enough to last for years of fun play.

Plus, it’s soft as well as safe because it’s made of non-hazardous materials.

The TEMI dinosaur toy figures and play mat set comes with a nine handmade colourful dinosaurs for the world, but you could easily add some more Schleich dinosaurs.

Kids will love the detail for the Tyrannosaurus Rex and they’ll love the ferociousness of the Velociraptor.

They’ll have fun getting to imagine the tall Brachiosaurus eating from the tops of the play trees. 

Playing with each of the dinosaurs will allow kids to visualize a world when the plant eating dinosaur like the Stegosaurus roamed the land.

The set also comes with bright green trees to help build the colourful world.

These trees can be placed separately throughout the mat to create a 3-D world where the plant eaters can come to find food. 

Your child will be able to go on adventure after adventure with these dinosaurs and their play mat world. 

They can have dinosaur battles or make the creatures roam from one end of their world to the other. 

It's a land that is veritably teeming with dinosaurs!

There’s no limit to the ways they can explore the world and the durability of the mat means it can even be used for outdoor play too.

The set also comes with a storage case to help keep the mat and dinosaurs neat and tidy when they are not being played with.

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