5 Simple Traditions You Can’t Miss This Christmas {with FREE Christmas cupcake toppers}

Christmas is such a magical season but it can so easily whoosh by before you know it.

And this year we all want to make Christmas as special as possible!

To make the most of Christmas this year, slow down and make sure that you share some special traditions with your family.

Whether you remember old traditions or start new ones, make the most of this Christmas season with these five simple traditions that will make long-lasting memories for your children.

Make a Gingerbread House

Whether you painstakingly make all the components from scratch with our easy gingerbread recipe or pick up a kit at the supermarket, making a gingerbread house together is a fun activity.

You could even make it a friendly competition between teams!

We bake and make our house a few days before Christmas and then nibble bits as we go!

That way the house stays intact (for a while) but we still get to eat gingerbread as we go.

We highly recommend this Cadbury chocolate Christmas cottage kit too!

Decorate Together

Christmas is already a busy, busy time for parents, and then you still have the house to decorate too!

But, as the saying goes, many hands make light work.

Get the kids involved helping hang lights and decorations around the house.

Is it going to look magazine perfect?

Probably not, but they will be so proud of it, nobody will even care if the tree is lopsided and the whole ensemble isn’t Pinterest-worthy perfection!

Bake Together

Slowing down to make some festive treats in your own kitchen is a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit.

And with our printable cupcake toppers, you don’t even have to be fantastic with a piping bag to make your cupcakes look amazing for any get together.

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Then you can easily make cupcakes and have fun without being frustrated that they aren’t perfect.


Make A Special Ornament 

A new tradition you could start with your family this year is to make a special keepsake ornament.

This could be as simple as writing or painting on a store-bought ornament and adding the year on the back, or more complex depending on the age of your children.

Not only does the activity bring your family together, but you also have a keepsake to adorn your tree every year.

And those handmade ornaments will soon become your favourite ones to hang every year.

Putting Carrots and Oats for Rudolf 

We all know about the cookies and milk or mince pies and brandy that Santa needs to refuel at your house.

But what about those poor reindeer?

Flying all that way. Carrying all those toys.

In our family, we always leave out a carrot for Rudolph and sprinkle some magical reindeer oats on the lawn to help the reindeer refuel.

After all, without them how would Father Christmas get the presents delivered at all?!

Enjoy Christmas!

Remember it's not just about Christmas Day itself!

Don’t let this Christmas season rush by in a blur of busy.

Set intentional times to make memories with your family by trying some of these fun traditions.

And don’t forget to grab our printable Christmas Cupcake Toppers - they are just too cute to pass up!

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