Magnet Toys Gift Guide: 12 of the Best Magnetic Toys for Kids

Magnet toys are such a great idea for kids of all ages.

Whether they are building towers, spelling out words or simply learning about repulsion and attraction, there's a reason all kids are 'attracted' to magnetic toys!

Why are magnet toys good for kids?

Magnets are fascinating things, whether you are learning about their poles, playing with different strengths and sizes or simply going on a magent walk around your home.

Plus don't forget the STEM element of these toys which makes them great for educational development and learning.

Play with magnetic toys helps develop hand-eye coordination along with creativity, construction and fine motor skills.

This makes magnetic toys one of the best ways for kids to develop their crucial STEM learning skills and to learn the basics of engineering and mathematics.

Magnetic toys are also fantastic for developing problem solving skills and learning about cause and effect.

Many of the magnet toys included in this gift guide help develop mathematical and engineering concepts such as geometry, design and structure.

Magnetic toys are fun and creative, and teach spatial awareness, whilst also encouraging kids to experiment and investigate as well as being creative.

These are great all round toys for both girls and boys that will last for years to come.

Are magnetic toys safe?

You've heard crazy stories about people ingesting batteries or them setting off pacemakers and you're wondering if magnetic toys are safe for kids to play with.

The short answer is yes, absolutely!

Magnetic toys are specifically designed with safety in mind and any that are only suitable for older children will be clearly labelled.

But you should still check for quality, durability and safety.

All of the toys in this list have undergone rigorous safety checks.

How old should a child be to play with a magnetic toy?

From the age of 3 children can play with magnetic toys, as long as they are age appropriate.

You may even find toys with magnets in them for younger toddlers, but whatever their age, do read the manufacturers advice carefully and check the toy for safety before giving it to your child.

The youngest children will love magentic toys like letters and the easel listed below, racing tracks with magnetic cars, puzzles and suchlike.

How do magnets work?

So, what do you need to know about magnets?

Every magnet has a north and a south pole.

Opposites attract and the same poles repel each other, so when the same poles get close, they push one another away.

When opposite poles come close to one another they attract or pull towards one another.

This force is strong enough to firmly connect two magnets together adn is what makes magnetic toys work.

How can I choose the best magnetic toy for my child?

Think first about your child's interests and abilities.

Are they learning to read or work with numbers?

Do they love cars or castles and knights or animals?

Once you have narrowed the choices down, take a look at the options.

Choose a toy that is age and developmentally appropriate and that will be long lasting, not a play once then cast aside toy.

Then you need to make sure that the magnets included are large enough so they cannot be swallowed.

Equally, you should choose a toy containing magnets that are strong enough to do their job.

There are plenty of imitation and cheaper magnet toys on the maarket that may not be as safe or effective as the brand leaders, so be careful what you buy.

Magnet toys are no fun if they don't work effectively or if they fall apart and don;t hold together securely.

We have chosen the best on the market for this gift guide so you can be assured they are strong and safe enough.

The Best Magnetic Toys for Kids 

There are so many imitations out there but, if you can afford them, these are the best magnetic tiles.

Magna-Tiles are suitable from about age 2 up as they fit together so easily, even toddlers won't get frustrated with them!

But they are perfect for older kids too and are perfect for sparkign the imagination in play as well as encouraging creative building and engineering.

This 100 piece set is the perfect starter kit as it includes geometric shapes (three types of triangle and two sizes of square) and everything a child neeeds to start creating various types of structure.

Yes, Magna-Tiles are pricier than other brands but they last for years so are perfect for more than onee child, and even your grandkids to come!

Tegu is the new kid on the magnetic building block, but it's beautiful, tactile, sustainable products are highly desirable.

They look simple but these wooden blocks pack a punch and will last for generations to come.

They contain no plastic or harmful chemicals, the blocks are even coated in a non-toxic water-based lacquer, so tiny kids can even chew on them without any concerns.

This is the ideal toy for open-ended play for younger kids and they encourage problem solving skills as well as inspiring imaginative play, storytelling and pattern recognition.

The sets come in various colour themes and sizes, we have chosen the 42 piece set in Tints for this gift guide.

Ethically sound (made in Honduras by local workers), socially conscious and sustainably made, this is the perfect toy for the eco conscious or Montessori / Waldorf kids.

OK, so we started with the most expensive options. If your budget is lower or you want it to stretch further, then check out Picasso Tiles.

This 100 piece set also contains squares and triangles in different shapes and sizes. The magnets in Picasso Tiles are just as strong as the Magna Tiles ones, but the rivets may be a little weaker.

This is a great starter set for kids just starting out on their magnet tile adventures, and they also work wwith other brands so would make a great adddition to a growing collection, too.

If your kids love things that go, this Magformers set is the perfect four-wheeled gift.

This Magformers set is super versatile with the magnetic blocks and wheels and designs to make 20 different cars.

The included literature also gives guidance on making 2d and 3D models, with flat plans (nets) and their corresponding 3D shapes.

This set is compatible with other Magformers sets and other magneet types too.

Make STEM learning part of magnet play with this lab kit from Learning Resources.

This set of magnets of diffeerent sizes and strengths will really fuel their curiosity and encourage them to experiment and investigate.

Use the included book of guided activities for inspiration, go on magnet walks indoors and outside, the possibilities for learning are endless!

Suitable for kids aged 5+.

We love the traditional wooden pattern block sets that are perfect for learning about shape and symmetry, as well as being fun to manipulate and create with.

And this magnetic set is even more fun to play with!

The set contains 190 pieces, a magnetic board and bag for the pieces.

Make tangrams, create suggested patterns or design your own patterns, scenes and creatures.

With magnetic pieces it's great for on the go or in the car as well as at home, perfect for kids aged 4+

Classic World Table Top Easel

For younger children, this table top easel with magnetic letters is the perfect place to practice some early spelling.

The magnetic whiteboard is great for playing with picture magnets, designing with magnetic blocks like those above, or working with numbers and letters.

The reverse side has a chalkboard perfect for budding artists too.

Perfect for homeschoolers or any curious kids who want to learn, this magnetic play set has layers of body parts ot help them learn.

The anatomy pieces include the internal organs, bonees, muscles, nerves and skin layers helping children to learn about each system and the functions they perform.

With 24 durable magnets this set is ideal for kids age 3+ and a useful starting point for kids learning about the human body and male/female differences.

If your child is interested in space or robots, this cute set is the perfect gift.

The 35 pieces can be arranged in a variety of different ways to create 5 smaller or one huge robot.

Then take them apart and create again. There are endless possibilities.

This toy encourages creativity and imagination, as well as employing kids critical thinking and motor skills.

Perfect for kids aged 3+.

Who doesn't love a marble run?!

And this one uses magnets to attach the brightly coloured translucent pieces together.

With 150 pieces of all kinds of shapes and sizes, this marble run can be configured in so many different ways for hours of fun

Encouraging all kinds of engineering skills and teaching kids physics concepts, this is a great STEM toy that encourages expeerimentation and learning.

Suitable from age 3 up, but younger kids will need you to get involved to make it the best marble run EVER!

These magnetic wooden blocks are perfect for younger children and toddlers.

The magnets are safely eenclosed and the blocks have smooth rounded edges which make them perfect for little hands.

They also help kids to develop key STEM skills like problem solving, creativity through construction, spacial awareness and motor skills.

The set includes 28 brightly coloured cubes and an inspirign booklet to spark ideas or for adults to use to guide kids' play.

They can build animals, towers, robots, buildings and more.

Another brilliant addition to your collection, this magnetic race car track is the ideal gift for kids who love cars.

Great for hands-on STEM learning, hand to eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Children will enjoy putting the racing cars and the track together and, with a huge 128 pieces, they can create a fun multi laayer race track with plenty of twists and turns for the LED light up cars to race around.

In fact the possibilities are endless!

Just make sure you have a ready supply of batteries for those cars!

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