LOL Surprise Color Change Bubbly Surprise Review

There’s no doubt about it, kids love surprises.

That’s just one of the many reasons that the LOL Surprise toys have become some of the market’s top selling items.

They go pretty fast every Christmas season because they are in such high demand. 

The LOL Surprise Color Change Bubbly Surprise is a new colelection of surprise treats and packages to open that fans will love.

The LOL Surprise Color Change Bubbly Surprise packs a lot of fun gifts into one.

This is an exclusive item so in each of the packs you buy, you’ll get one of the Surprise Glitter dolls that was released in the past. 

These toys are loaded with sparkling fun including the doll that comes in the set.

There are different styles, so the sets will vary depending on which one you purchase.

The toy comes wrapped with a packaging paper announcing that it changes colour. 

You’ll see a heart shape in the middle of this packaging that’s in dual colours.

That can be a hint as to what colours may be included in the toy.

Once you take off that paper, the toy snaps open pretty easily. 

But you’ll want to hold onto it because you’ll need it when you start setting up the toy to reveal the surprises it contains.

You’ll find packaging inside the toy that has sayings on it like, “Me first” as well as designs such as a heart and question marks. 

After you lift out the piece containing a larger heart and the six blind balls, the bottom of the toy can be used to hold the water holder you’ll need for revealing the toys.

Pop each one of the six blind balls out of their holder. 

Kids can open these without placing them in the water.

Each of these little balls will contain a surprise that goes along with the doll that will be revealed from the big heart.

These surprises might be things like shoes for the doll or clothes. 

Some of them will be accessories such as a headband.

At least one of the balls will be heavier than the rest of them because it’s packed with a kinetic sand like material.

This material has to be taken apart to see what surprise it’s hiding. 

Once you have taken all the surprises out of the balls, it’s time to see what’s inside the heart.

This can be done in the top half of the LOL Surprise Bubbly Surprise box, but be sure to cover the floor or table top first as the colours can stain.

NB: Do NOT use these fizzers in the bath as they will stain both the tub and the child!

Remove the plastic from the heart and place it down into the water.

As soon as that’s done, the bubbles will appear, and you’ll hear a fizzing noise. 

The colour of the bubbles will match the colours on the heart.

Turn the heart over during this process to make the outer coating dissolve.

When the heart is done, kids can take it out and open it to reveal three more surprises.

These will usually be items like a cup, a pet and the doll, all ready to play with.

Lara is our biggest LOL Surprise fan and loved this set, but it is a bit pricey considering you only get one doll.

Check out our LOL Surprise gift ideas list for more inspiration.

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