Encanto Lunchbox Cards to Boost Your Kid's Self-Esteem and Confidence

These Encanto lunchbox cards are the perfect way to give your child's self-esteem and self-confidence a boost.

Building our kids' confidence up at every opportunity is one of the most important aspects of modern parenting.

Since being yourself and happy in who you are is one of the key themes of the film Encanto, we have put together a set of cute Disney Encanto inspired confidence cards your kids will love!

Do your kids love Disney’s Encanto?

It's playing on a loop here at the moment, the girls just adore it!

The movie is so bright and fun, with a great story and wonderful characters and, not surprisingly, it has become one of the most popular Disney Pixar movies of all time.

And for us parents, it's a treat too.

Such a wonderful life-affirming film with great messages about difference, inclusivity and being true to who you are.

It's full of the perfect positive messages for our kids and these adorable confidence cards reflect that.

How to Get the Encanto Lunchbox Cards

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How to Use the Encanto Confidence Building Luncbox Cards

Surprise your kids with one of these cute Encanto cards in their lunch box, guaranteed to make them smile.

Or pop one on their pillow or in the bathroom mirror to give them a boost.

We love the film's messages about self-confidence, being yourself and working together, so the messages on these cards reflect that:
  • I stand up for what I believe in.
  • We can fix anything together.
  • I don't compare myself to anyone else.

You can get these fun Encanto printable confidence cards for free, just scroll down to find out how.

What are the confidence boost cards all about?

This set of 12 cute cards feature characters inspired by the wonderful Disney film Encanto with a positive message on each.

Use them to help your children feel good about themselves and to give them a little boost during the day.

The central message of Encanto is about celebrating the unique gifts and strengths of each member of the family.

With the onslaught of busy lives at home, school and work it's easy to forget or not even notice what makes us unique.

I hope these cute cards can help you to highlight your child's special talents and gifts and to build their confidence day after day.

Each card features a character from the movie and a special quote that suits them perfectly.

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Who are these confidence cards for?

Whether your child identifies most with Mirabel, Luisa or cute little Antonio and his toucan, they will love these gorgeous cards and their positive messages about confidence and happiness.

Then you can get creative popping the cards into their lunch bag, on to their pillow, onto the bathroom mirror, or even in their shoes each morning!

I hope these Encanto Confidence Cards help inspire your child to greater confidence and open up some useful conversations about self-esteem and confidence in your family.


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