What to Put in a Grogu - Baby Yoda - The Child Easter Basket

Easter is such a fun and exciting time for kids, especially if they are hoping to receive an Easter basket!

Themed Easter baskets are especially fun, and if they are themed on soemthing your kids LOVE, even better!

Are you searching for the perfect Easter basket? 

If your house is anything like ours, Baby Yoda / The Child / Grogu is still a HUGE hit, so planning the theme for one of our Easter baskets is certainly super easy!

Are you searching for the perfect Easter basket contents for a Grogu fan?

This awesome Baby Yoda Easter Basket idea is perfect for fans of The Child, The Mandalorian and indeed the whole Star Wars franchise!

Read on for how to make it...

We have all the Baby Yoda goodies to fill your kid's Easter basket this year!

How to Make a Grogu Baby Yoda Easter Basket

This Star Wars Baby Yoda Easter Basket for Kids round up has everything you need to have the best Grogu Easter!

Here are the key questions - and answers! - to help you make an amazing Grogu Easter basket for your loved one:

1. What basket should I choose?

Whether you call the little green cutie The Child, Baby Yoda or Grogu, simply grab a green basket or crate and get ready to fill it with lots of Yoda-themed goodies.

We used one we already had at home, but there are plenty of great choices out there.

Here are four choices you can snag easily on Amazon:

1. Green storage basket

2. What can I use to line the Grogu Easter basket?

You don't need any straw or shredded paper for this Easter basket.

Instead you can make the main lining material part of the gift too!

I bunched up a blanket in the bottom of the basket and had a couple of the corners hanging out the top of the container.

This supersoft plush throw is perfect for that and it's so adorable too!

For younger kids this Cutest in the Galazy blanket would be perfect.

3. What can I put in a Baby Yoda Easter Basket?

There are so many amazing Baby Yoda gifts and goodies out there for all ages, from toddler to teen.

I'll show you some of the things we put in this basket, and give you some ideas for other goodies your kid will LOVE!

In our Baby Yoda Easter basket:

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