TOMY Toomies Jurassic World Spin and Hatch Dino Eggs Review

Easter seems to have crept up slowly and yet now it's just two weeks away!!

If you are looking for a great baby or toddler birthday gift, or indeed a fun toy that is egg-themed this Easter, grab the adorable Toomies Jurassic World Spin and Hatch Eggs.

This fun brightly coloured toy is suitable from 12 months up and offers some fun play and educational opportunities.

First up, it's a great way to introduce little ones to dinosaurs - older siblings will LOVE telling their younger brother or sister all the names and sharing their dino obsession!

But more importantly for parents, this cute dinosaur egg matching toy is perfect for developing hand to eye co-ordination, colour matching and more.

The incubator contains 5 colourful eggs which hatch to reveal baby dinosaurs inside.

The spinning incubator contains 5 cute and colourful dinosaurs: a T-Rex, Raptor, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Pteranodon, which older siblings will be delighted to name.

You may even create a new amateur paleontologist with this toy, the perfect introduction to all things dinosaur!

To hatch the eggs, take the lid off the incubator and press down the spinner.

Spin it faster and faster and then POP! they hatch out of their eggs.

Spin with the lid off to have the dinos and the egg shells go flying, to much laughter!

Then load them back into the incubator to spin again and again...

The perfect way to practice actions and reactions.

You can also spin with the lid on to see the dinosaurs spin inside the incubator, which creates a fun visual colour effect.

The spinner is the perfect size for little hands and features the iconic Jurassic Park T-Rex image.

We love how the spinner can be worked with not much pressure by babies, while older toddlers can get quite a spin going to move those dinos around!

Once out of the incubator, shake the eggs to hear the baby dinos rattle-roar, swap the egg tops to create new colour combinations.

This is great for toddlers to experiment with and practice their verbal reasoning skills by talking to you about their choices and preferences.

Which are their favourite colours and colour combinations?

Match the colours of the dinosaurs to the egg shells or mix and match the egg shell halves to learn mroe about the colour names and matching up the zigzag edges.

This is such a fun toy with bright, eye-catching colours.

It is robust enough for a 1 year old still prone to dropping and chewing, and will withstand the rougher play of a 3 year old, too.

We love the fun spinning effect which sends the eggs flying and the gorgeous bright colours.

This toy is great fun and created lots of laughs here for all sorts of ages!

The Toomies Jurassic World Spin and Hatch Dino Eggs are part of the new Jurassic World range, Chase & Roll Raptors and Dino Rescue Ranger are also available.

If you bought any of the bigger dinosaurs too, the eggs could easily become their babies creating new play opportunities.

There are no small parts and the whole range is suitable from 12 months up.
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