Fun Printable Road Theme Upper Case Letter Mats for Kids Learning the Alphabet

Looking for a fun and educational activity for your young child? Alphabet letter mats are perfect!

These road themed upper case letter mats offer a great way for kids to learn their ABCs while also getting to play with cars or playdough.

Add some cars, wooden blocks or pompoms and you have a fun and engaging activity that will keep your child entertained for hours!

Perfect for encouraging letter recognition in young children.

Why not try these printable road playdough letter mats today? With bright colours and engaging images, your child is sure to love them!

And with easy prep instructions, you can have them ready in no time. It's an easy activity for busy parents!

Playdough Letter Mats: Road Edition

Playdough mats are perfect for young kids who are learning their ABCs.

With a fun, road-themed design, these 26 playdough mats make it easy and fun to practice writing letters.

Simply print out the pages, add some toy cars or playdough, and encourage your child to trace over each capital letter with a finger, car, or to form the letters with playdough. 

Not only does each page have the colourful and fun street shaped letters, but there's a spot at the bottom of the page to practice writing skills.

This makes these playdough mats the perfect way to learn and practice both letter formation and writing skills!

Prewriting Activities for Preschoolers

Prewriting and letter recognition are essential skills for all beginning writers.

These road themed car and playdough mats offer a great way for preschoolers to practice their prewriting skills.

By tracing the road shapes, kids can improve their fine motor skills, practice letter recognition and learn how to form letters correctly.

Plus, they'll have a blast playing with the cars while they're at it!

Here are a few ways you can use these printable road pages to teach your preschool or PreK child while having fun:

  • Trace the upper case letters with your index finger
  • Use a car or motorcycle to navigate the road
  • Roll playdough into "snakes" and make the shape of the alphabet letters
  • Using a bingo marker, let your child jump the dots down the street
  • Glue pom poms to the letters
  • Laminate the pages and provide your child with a dry erase marker for reusable lessons
  • Line the street with counting bears
  • Mini erasers are a great size for spelling out the alphabet letters
  • Print out the pages to spell your child's name and let them hang the completed pages on their bedroom wall or door

Whether your child is just learning the alphabet or they're a seasoned pro, these playdough letter mats are perfect for teaching and entertaining kids of all ages!

You can pair these 26 pages with a letter a week lesson plan or just provide them to play with on a rainy day.

And they're an ideal way to keep the kids busy while you whip up dinner, or any time you need to keep your curious little ones occupied.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy of our fun road-themed alphabet playdough mats today and get ready to watch your child learn while they have fun playing!

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